Ways to make Maplestory mesos

If you play mmo game usually, you will find there are events when some festivals come. And there will be gifts or some activities out in the game. Try to take advantage of events to make maple story mesos. The gifts for items are usually special compared to the common items or possessions. The importance is the specials’ value will increase after the event over.For example, during the 2006 Valentine is Day event, monsters were programmed to drop Valentine is Roses. While the Yellow Rose was extremely cheap during that time (average price was 1000 Mesos), being the weakest rose, at Christmas, the price would go up. On a another note, during that event, monsters were also programmed to drop Wish Tickets and Red Envelopes. Red Envelopes could be cashed in at a special NPC called "Mr. Moneybags" for a minimum of 1000 Mesos and a maximum of 10,000,000 Mesos. Wish Tickets could also be sold to other players for around 2.5K each during that time, as they could be similarly cashed in at Amoria to Mr. Sandman for various items and equipments. All this are good chance for you to make mesos.
MapleStory Anniversary events are also an good opportunity to make profits. Sometimes Maple Equips are worth hundreds of thousands of mesos on the Free Market, even if merely Maple Flags. So never underestimate the worth of event items. The simple reason is this: supply stops, demand remains the same, therefore price rises. Pay more attention the official site of maplestory, when some event is coming, there will be introduction there first. Then get ready to receive your fortune there.

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