• MapleStory 2 Will Begin A Closed Beta Next Month [04/18/2018]

    The free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) MapleStory 2 will have a closed beta in the Americas, Europe, and Oceania territories next month. The beta will start on May 9.

  • MapleStory 2's European And American Announcement Is Also In The Hands [04/13/2018]

    While the MMORPG game MapleStory 2 is long waiting for the Western region and English language support, some exciting news has finally arrived. When the distributor company Nexon America issued a business notice, the title of 'Localization Coordinator' attracted attention.

  • Check The MapleStory April Special Event [04/10/2018]

    NEXON Korea (CEO Lee Jung-heon) will host a special event of 'MapleStory', a popular online game, in April.

  • MapleStory 2 1000 Days Adventurer Celebration [04/05/2018]

    As of April 1, 2018, MapleStory 2 has been online for 1000 days. To celebrate the festival, there are 3 times Adventurer Gallery adventurers can join.

  • MapleStory Illium: The New Job Skill [04/02/2018]

    MapleStory 2D MMORPG game from Nexon to update the new job Illium magic with the skill on April 4, today we took the information of the Illium as a sauce. Let's see how the new job will be cool.

  • MapleStory Blitz Released Its First Update [03/30/2018]

    Free to play MapleStory Blitz, the Clash Royale variant MapleStory game, released its first update this week. With the update, the game features 36 new Zakum-based cards, a new dungeon, balance changes and more.

  • You Should Consider Downloading MapleStory As Soon As Possible [03/26/2018]

    If you want to relive history and still have a great time, you’ll want to consider downloading MapleStory. This was one of the first successful free to play games in the United States.

  • Meeting The MapleStory Recommended System Specifications [03/19/2018]

    From space, it's now straight into a colorful, two-dimensional cartoon world. MapleStory is a free MMORPG with sugar-sweet manga graphics. A real game goal does not exist here; The players use their playing time in addition to social interaction mainly for painstakingly leveling their characters and thus to reinforce.

  • MapleStory Fest - Celebrate The Legacy Of MapleStory [03/17/2018]

    Nexon will celebrate the legacy of MapleStory with an one-day special event on Saturday, April 14, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Participants will get free special gift bag and you are able to purchase unique MapleStory goodies.

  • MapleStory 2 Tutorial Of Using Color Crystal [03/14/2018]

    The coloured crystals can be used to upgrade beginner skills in MapleStory 2. For newbies, you can kill bosses or even buy from the potion girl to get the color crystals.

  • MapleStory Blitz Is Considered By Many To Be A Very Tactical MOBA Version [03/09/2018]

    After a period of time, nowadays, MapleStory Blitz has been officially launched in Korea. Games are only supported in 16 countries and fortunately including Vietnam. Gamers have been able to download the MapleStory Blitz on both the Android and iOS platforms and can join the experience today.

  • MapleStory Blitz - When The MMORPG Style Like Clash Royale [03/05/2018]

    This is an online game called the Clash Royal Korean version. Developing in the MOBA style with heroes is a typical character in the MapleStory game (also known as the Dwarf Mushroom), which players will match in the battle of the brain.

  • Learn How To Play The MapleStory Blitz Strategy Card Game [03/02/2018]

    MapleStory Blitz is a strategy and card game with characters from the beloved MMORPG 2D PC franchise. Although it has already made debut in the mobile, Nexon brought a new proposal for MapleStory. The game is in tests, but can be played in Brazil.

  • MapleStory Blitz Has Officially Opened [02/27/2018]

    After some time preparing for the latest online mobile game called the Clash Royal Korean version: MapleStory Blitz has officially opened, it is interesting that this game only support only 16 countries and including Vietnam! Players can now download the Android version with iOS and join the game now.

  • Evangelion Activity Begins In MapleStory [02/23/2018]

    Distributor firm Nexon announced that popular MMORPG games at MapleStory will soon be launching popular theme series Evangelion-based events. In-game Evangelion events will begin on February 28, 2018 and will continue for a month, ending March 28, 2018.

  • Review Of The Beautiful Memories Of Early MapleStory [02/13/2018]

    For gamers of the last generation MMORPG gamers, though, has gone through hundreds of role-playing games with all sorts of real 3D, graphics, unique gameplay, none target... but never got a name.

  • MapleStory M Will Reportedly Offer New Playable Characters [02/13/2018]

    Apparently Pocket MapleStory was somewhat of a bust for Nexon, so the studio has declared a do-over of sorts in the form of the improved MapleStory M. It’s already out in Korea and looks like it offers a full-fledged (side-scrolling) MMO experience.

  • MapleStory Blitz - Pre-register In Several Countries Including Vietnam [02/13/2018]

    MapleStory Blitz is a "master" product developed by Nexon for the purpose of building a Maple "universe" that includes a variety of products that exploit the subject. The game was developed in a familiar, familiar style with the name Clash Royale.

  • MapleStory 2 Released New Trailer For Sky Fortress Animation [02/10/2018]

    MapleStory 2 releases a new trailer about Sky Fortress Animation these days. Who will be the adventurer to save Maple World?

  • Free Market Closes At Maplestory [02/06/2018]

    The end of a century is approaching. When a new decision is made for MapleStory, the process of closing Free Market areas in the game has begun.

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