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MapleStory 2's Skybound Expansion Will be Released on December 6

According to the official news of MapleStory 2, which will get phase 1 on the Skybound expansion on December 6. This update is packed for the brim with exciting stuff, beginning with all the Sky Fortress. This dungeon is readily available when you attain level 50 and continues the story of the game, with 5 factions uniting to fight a huge threat.

Maplestory 2 Guide to Better Understand the In-Game Gear System

Gear in Maplestory 2 is sorted amongst these categories: Headgear, Earrings, Necklace, Belt, Ring, Major, Gloves, Bottom, Cape, Shoes, Weapons (some classes can have two of them or even a Shield). Creating the most effective possible Gear Set in Maplestory 2 is important as picking the right MS2 Class for you personally.

Join MapleStory "Gathering of Heroes" Event to Combat the Black Mage

As you know, now "Gathering of Heroes" event comes to MapleStory, this event will end on November 28, during this period, you'll be able to take part within this event to join the Maple Alliance and prepare their armies to soon combat the Black Mage.

When and Where to Start Mining and Collecting Herbs in MapleStory 2

Mining and collecting herbs in MapleStory 2 is straightforward to do and also the far more you do, the a lot easier you get EXP and crafting supplies. Do you need anything particular to start? You may begin in the extremely initial moment you see it is possible to collect said stuff which makes it an incredibly straightforward method to get some EXP early on and later for the prestige levels.

MapleStory 2 Guide to Easy Leveling and Make Money

You will face a lot of effective enemies on your journey in MapleStory 2, and the greatest strategy to deal with them is by growing stronger. That becoming said, here's how to level up fast and make money in MapleStory 2.

MapleStory 2 Guide on Make Your Own Music though Instruments

You have possibly encountered several players who are jamming out with their guitars and pianos in MapleStory two. These characters are often hanging around town holding their very own mini-concerts around the kingdom streets. Make your own personal music and get started a concert along with your friends in MapleStory 2 undoubtedly a very interesting thing.

MapleStory 2 World wide is finally launched

MapleStory 2 is finally launched, totally free to play for Maplers all worldwide! It really is been an exciting six months since our announcement back in April, and we're thrilled to finally have the capacity to share this new dimension of Maple World with all people

MapleStory 2 Is Now Available - You Can See Some New Stuff

As you know, MapleStory 2 is now available on PC through Steam and also the Nexon Launcher. And now MapleStory 2 consists of ten classes, elevated level cap, eight standard dungeons, four tough dungeons, two sets of epic gear, limited time events and much more.

What New Activities Will MapleStory 2 Start with While It Is Released

The MapleStory 2 head start event runs from these days through October 10th when the open beta starts. The MapleStory 2 Head Start has officially kicked off and it comes with a massive patch that brings several new and updated options towards the game too as a brand new in-game event.

Pre-Registration for the MapleStory 2 is Now Available

Now you can pre-registration for the MapleStory 2 from September 24 through October 8. Pre-registration internet rewards will include special in-game things including the Roosting Seagull, Rustic Mushcabin Name Tag, plus the Dusty Rickshaw. From September 24 by way of October eight, players may also get a Mint Body Pillow by retweeting the new Runeblade trailer on Twitter and/or liking on Facebook.

Enjoying the Sengoku High Returns Event in MapleStory

According to the official MapleStory news, Oda Nobunaga has taken over Sengoku Higher. Test your wits and expertise as you battle against Oda Nobunaga's elite students and prove yourself worthy. Step into this premium mini-dungeon and complete quests to earn Oda Coins.

What is the DPS Situation in MapleStory 2

In MapleStory 2, what's the situation? Ordinarily, range classes possess a substantial advantage compared to melee classes in terms of DPS. They’re able to stay comparatively safe although dishing out trusted and consistent DPS. Melee classes commonly have to worry additional about attacks from the boss, and can endure some DPS loss.

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