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The Best Way to Add Close Friends in MapleStory 2

In MapleStory 2, some players may confuse about the way to add close friends since the game is definitely an MMO, you are able to usually encounter the enjoyable with friends anytime you want.

MapleStory 2 Closed Beta - What's New in Quest and Trophy, Dungeon

MapleStory 2 official website lists some improvements, which is the Closed Beta patch notes. We will list improvements to Quest and Trophy, Dungeon. If you want to know more other improvements in MapleStory 2, you can check out the official website.

The way to Fortnite Dance Pc, PS4 and Xbox One

It goes with no saying that the Key objective in Fortnite: Battle Royale is to track down your enemies and blast them to pieces along with your collection of Fortnite weapons, build defensive forts to help keep the rest with the pack at bay, and just generally outlast the competition until you've bagged that Victory Royale.

MapleStory 2's Different Type Quests Overview

In MapleStory 2, in case you desire to verify out your present quests, you might be on by pressing 'L'. You may also press 'M' to view the map and see exactly where a variety of quests could be discovered. You'll find Epic Quests, the Every day Quests, World Quests, and Event Quests in MapleStory 2.

Bonus Stats and Equipment Enhancements in MapleStory

The Developer of MapleStory hearing plenty of feedback in regards towards the implementation of flames and Bonus Stats with particular gear which includes Gollux, Sweetwater, Terminus, Sengoku, and also other comparable equipment.

What is the Mushking Royale in MapleStory 2

In the previous article, we mentioned Battle Royale Mode, today, we will specifically introduce Musking Royale, which is MapleStory 2's take on the battle royale game mode. You will be dropping into a battlefield with 49 other players to fight until you're the last Mapler standing.

Looking Forward To Battle Royale Mode In MapleStory 2

In the news of the previous few days, we mentioned that Closed Beta 2 for MapleStory 2 will be running July 18 through August 1, 2018. Today, we will talk about the upcoming "battle royale" mode in MapleStory 2.

Now Register For MapleStory 2 Closed Beta 2

According to official news, Closed Beta 2 for MapleStory 2 will be running July 18 through August 1, 2018. The second Closed Beta will introduce a number of changes, which includes new dungeons, more quests to complete, a test of the Meret Market systems and more.

Level Up With MapleStory Mega Burning Project During The Event Period

Now in MapleStory, you can create a brand-new character during the event period and choose it to possess the particular "Burning" effect.

How To Become An Outstanding Battle Mage In MapleStory

In MapleStory, the Battle Mage is actually a member of the Resistance, freedom fighters opposed to the Black Mage along with the organization looking for to revive him, the Black Wings. Be familiar with the properties of Battle Mage to better grasp it.

MapleStory Marvel Machine Is Returning On June 22

According to official news, the Marvel Machine is coming back on June 22. Marvel Ambassadors have searched far and wide for the most intriguing, attractive, and powerful items in existence, and now they're passing these relics on to you.

New Playable Character Update Preview In MapleStory - ARK

Now in MapleStory, you can check out and meet the new character, Ark, and harness the power of the abyss as you switch between Flora and Specter States. Improve your game with V Care, earning Matrix Points to aid your 5th Job. Complete daily quests faster and earn more rewards.

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