Echo Island in Lost Ark: Soul, Mokoko and Horses

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Echo Island is located here and is always open:

First, complete all the yellow tasks and get a white horse. She has skins. This horse can only be used on Echo Island.

What is it for? For an event on the island. According to it, you need to kill bugs with the help of horse skills. The event gives one echo shard. 2 Echo Shards can be exchanged for 1 Blue Bag of Solarize (1000 Solarize). Three available per week.

After completing the "Root Eaters" task 15 times, this is the task of the Efon union. You will receive the "Whistle" emote as a reward.



Mokoko Seeds

There are five mokoko seeds on the island.



How to get the soul of Echo Island?

In short, there are 31 hidden quests to do on the little horses scattered around the island. And four hidden quests for large horses are also scattered throughout the island. You can take it from the big ones only after completing all the tasks from the small ones. It will take 1-2 hours to finish the tasks. Below is a map with all the hidden quests.

If the big horse does not give the quest, check whether you have done all the tasks for the little ones. If yes, and the big horse still does not provide the investigation, write in the comments.

You can check in the temple in the center of the island. You can see on the right, and the left as you enter.

There are 32 miniature horses, and I have 31 shown on the map. Because you make one horse on a yellow quest (the quest appears after receiving a white mare), it cannot be missed.

After you have done all the hidden quests, a task will appear from the fairy Mii for the island's soul. We watch a video on it, turn in the exploration, and get a soul.



Hidden tasks in miniature horses


Catch up with the wind

Everything is straightforward here. Run along the Lost Ark points indicated on the map. If you failed this quest, cancel it in the quest list and retake it.


Find a place for an item

There is nothing complicated here either. You might want to uncover an appropriate spot for any item and look at what's missing.


Solve the riddle of echoes

  • Color riddle. Answer: Coal.
  • Paw puzzle. Answer: Fur coat.
  • A tricky riddle. Solution: Get older.
  • Hide and seek riddle. Answer: A splinter.
  • Mountain riddle. Answer: Road.


Play a song

  • Music of a glorious feat. Play the Hymn of Lutherie.
  • Music of living stones. Play the Song of Nav.
  • Music of tender feelings. Play the Rohandel Serenade.



  • Ehi and dancing. Dance Hala-Hala.



  • Echoes and gestures. Show greeting.
  • Echoes and emotions. Show Laughter (I don't know the second one, I made a laugh, it doesn't matter which one).



Hidden quests for big horses

To race with the wind.

  • Run around the whole island for a while. Reward: +10 courage points.


Music of the towers

  • Play Divine Symphony on three towers. Reward: +10 charm points.


The riddle of the giants

Find an echo on the island. Below is where it is located. Reward: +10 wisdom points.


Fragile and colorful

  • Move the eggs where you want. Reward: +10 responsiveness points.
  • After doing 21 hidden quests with little horses, Miya will have a quest for the Red Horse.



Hidden quest on Echo Island?

In this place, you can take a hidden quest. If he doesn't take it from you, you may need to do a task on Peach Island for Spring Ballad. This song is required for this quest.

On the second task, you will need to sail to Peach Island and interact with the skeleton in the Lair of the Serpent. Where the passage to the panda is near the yellow dot, after the jump, turn right, there will be a cave inside you will find a skeleton. It would help if you had a peach tincture.

According to the third task, "The Soul of the Dragon," nothing complicated. Look at the map. Everything is indicated there).


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