How to complete the Abyssal Sea of ​​Idleness dungeon in Lost Ark

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The late-game content of Lost Ark includes a lot of new raid content and several new storylines to be revealed. However, if you want to get this beneficial Abyss Lost Ark gear, you need to go through the various Abyss dungeons a few times. These dungeons are some of the most extended and most complex in the game, with unique mechanics to be aware of.


How to complete the Abyssal Sea of ​​Idleness dungeon in Lost Ark


If you are struggling to get through the Abyssal Sea of ​​Idleness dungeon, then here is a walkthrough to help you along the way.



Getting Started in Abyssal Sea of ​​Idleness Dungeon

The first thing to remember about this Abyss dungeon requires a high item level. It would be best to have an item level of at least 960 before trying this. The second matter to recollect is that this dungeon is for groups of eight, not 4, so you'll have to have made use of a lot more persons on display to acquire close to it.


As you may guess from the title, the Sea of Idleness requires location underwater so that you will be coping with a lack of oxygen on the seafloor. Your air supply will be marked with a marker above your head as you walk and will slowly decrease over time. However, if you get hit by an attack with a yellow telegraph, it will shrink much faster. To replenish oxygen, you need to go to one of the purple replenishment plants that line the dungeon or stand on the bubbles that appear from the ground in places. Remember that plants respawn slowly, so only use them when the oxygen level is below 50%, especially in boss fights. If you run out of air, you will take damage every second, so be on the lookout.


Finally, you are wearing a unique costume for this dungeon set since you are underwater. This means you'll have a fantastic collection of moves to master while you're doing it. Luckily, the first part of the dungeon is just a mob clearing task, so you can find better ways to use your new moves.



Boss Fight 1: Deep Sea Orboros 

The first real challenge you will face in the Sea of ​​Idleness is Deep Sea Orboros. This boss is pretty simple, dealing damage with easy telegraph attacks, but he has two things to look out for.


Please beware of the large poisonous areas on the ground it creates. They can do significant damage, especially if you hit several at once.


When the boss is at about half health, he will call for support in the form of a shark with legs. This creature should be dealt with first, not only because it deals quite raw damage on its own but also because killing it will give the squad a buff that will help them deal with Orboro faster.



Boss Fight 2: Sentinel Akam

The real challenge to the Sea of ​​Idleness comes from Akam, who will destroy your wetsuits under his power. This means you finally have to worry about your oxygen levels. Akam also turns players to stone, rendering them defenseless against his attacks. If the player has a purple status bar, they are petrified and can only be released by taking damage from allied attacks. If this happens, you're better off attacking with faster, low damage attacks than slower, high damage attacks, as the release is based on the number of hits, not the damage taken.


When he doesn't lock your party in stone, Akam will unleash several unique attacks. One of them is called Annihilation, and it's just as important as it sounds. This attack can kill most players in one shot and targets anyone, anywhere on the map. You can only avoid this by finding a safe zone that randomly spawns somewhere on the map and enter it in time. Even if you survive the attack, you'll take a lot of damage and be petrified, so it's still a good idea to find a safe area quickly.


Akama's primary abilities include ground stomping, which sends a shockwave on a delay around the map. The only safe spot from this shockwave is right next to Akam, so you need to learn how to dive backward to avoid being hit and then run forward to avoid the shockwave. It gets more difficult in the later stages when Akam starts stomping his feet and hands a few times, so you'll need to time yourself as you fight him.


The other main attack that Akam uses is his petrification beam. This damages player, but it instantly turns them to stone. Early in the fight, this attack is slow and easy to avoid. However, after you remove Akam's legs, he will run around the screen much faster. It's best to notice when he steps back to one side of the screen right before he does so. Run to one side of the screen to avoid taking damage and freezing in place.


Akam will also create red orbs on the ground that will deal damage in a random direction. They will sell a lot of damage if caught in their yellow blast radius, but they will also deprive you of oxygen. Make sure you avoid these attacks at all costs.


Balancing the oxygen mechanic with dodging Akam's one-shot attacks and the many area attacks he can land on you makes this fight a real challenge. Still, once you slow down and learn to watch your oxygen levels, you can get some sweet rewards for clearing the dungeon, including some Tier 2 accessories, ability gems, cards, and weapon crafting materials.


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