Lost Ark: The complete guide to Striker build

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Today we will talk about the best build for Lost Ark Striker. What is the most efficient Striker build in Lost Ark? Stryker is a great agile character, those who like to attack enemies with quick attacks and move around should consider playing this class.


With huge hype and just 24 hours after its debut, this incredible MMO has become the second most played game on Steam in terms of online players. You can see the system requirements here if you want to play this popular game. If you want to know which classes are the best in the game right now, we've got you covered. Also, you can download the game here. If you don't have a Windows 11 or 10 PC, you can also play the game on a Mac.

His agility and ability to outsmart opponents make him a great Lost Ark PvP class. If you are looking for a Striker but don't know where to start, this Lost Ark Striker guide will help you a lot.



Lost Ark: Best build of Striker

Lost Ark's awakening system is built around identity and skill scales. Wardancer shares Esoteric Orbs with Striker. Your three esoteric spheres, located between the quick access panels to your skills, items and Lost Ark gold, will be filled if you hit opponents.

Looking at your skills, you will notice that some of them require one or more Esoteric Orbs to use. These esoteric abilities are sometimes referred to as "spenders". It takes a while to get used to juggling spheres, but once you understand how it works, you will be invincible on the battlefield.



Lost Ark: Striker Skills

The Striker lacks the big AoE attacks of other classes, but he makes up for it with his great mobility. To collect groups of mobs and group them, use skills like Moon Flash Kick. Then kill them all with your spender abilities. Striker's skills have a Back Attack property that allows you to use your mobility to slip behind bosses and show off your amazing single target damage.

By the time you reach level 50 in Lost Ark Striker, you will have around 250 skill points, which is enough to create a reasonable skill build to take your character to the finals.



Lost Ark: Best Striker PvE Skills



Lost Ark: Best Striker PvP Skills


Lost Ark characters start out with a decent early game skill set, with new abilities unlocked on a regular basis as you progress through the first 20 or so character levels. Experience and leveling up earn you skill points that can be used to improve your skills and unlock the Lost Ark tripod. Tripods are individual skill upgrades that become available at skill levels 4, 7, and 10; using one of them adds a new secondary function to the ability. You can choose from three options for each tripod.



Lost Ark: Striker Engravings

You can apply engravings to your characters once they reach level 50 in Lost Ark. Lost Ark engravings allow you to customize your character's kit with various buffs and power-ups. Each class has two "class bonus" engravings that are unique to it, in addition to the generic engravings available to all characters. This effectively allows you to choose a subclass for them.

The Esoteric Flurry and Mortal Strike engravings are available for the Lost Ark Striker class, which provide the following benefits:


Esoteric Flurry: Striker reduces the cost of all Spending Skills per Esoteric Orb and increases their damage.

Mortal Strike: The maximum number of Esoteric Orbs will be increased to 4. Using an Esoteric Skill will consume all of your available Orbs, with additional damage dealt based on the amount used.


By choosing any of these engravings, you will experience different play styles. Esoteric Flurry has several great benefits. You will be able to use consumable abilities much more often and maintain good DPS throughout the fight, which is very important. On the other hand, Mortal Strike can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Both playstyles are strong, so experiment with both and see what works for you.

The two "common" engraving types that can be equipped by all classes (damage increase and utility) are assigned according to how many engraving points you have, which is determined by the combination of your character's equipped accessories (such as necklaces, earrings). , rings, etc.) and their ability gems, which can be found as loot or bought from vendors throughout the game. Shuffle your engraving points until you reach 35 and you can equip three regular engravings in addition to your class bonus.


The following engravings are perfect for a Lost Ark Striker DPS build, regardless of your class bonus:

  • Ambush Master: This increases back attack damage. This is a useful upgrade because you still have to hit the bosses in the back.
  • Spirit Absorption: This increases your class's attack and movement speed.
  • Sharp blunt weapons: This increases critical damage, but may decrease non-critical damage. With a high critical strike chance, this will result in more overall damage.
  • Grudge: This increases your attack damage against bosses by 20% while reducing the damage they deal to you.



Lost Ark: Striker Awakening Skills

Awakenings are similar to engravings in that they become available when a character from The Lost Ark reaches level 50. Again, there are two alternatives, and unlike engravings, this is not an either/or situation: you can unlock both awakening skills if you want, although you can only use one at a time.



Lost Ark: Striker Awakening Skills

Nova Blast is a combination of fast strikes that can deal devastating damage. If the initial strike misses, the attack will be cancelled.

True Sky Awakening will allow the Striker to gather energy in his legs and strike 2 times, dealing damage and knocking opponents into the air.

Both awakening skills are great options in different circumstances.