Two Phase on Boss in Maplestory

Phase 1:

By speaking to the NPC Kirsten in the bossroom, Phase one begins with Wiseman Solomon being the only boss able to attack you. Wiseman Solomon has three attacks in Maplestory:

A lightning attack that can Seal.
An attack that can reduce your HP/MP(Maple Story Mesos) to 1 and Stun.
Slams It is staff into the ground dealing physical damage and inflicting Slow.
Once Wiseman Solomon is defeated, Phase 2 Begins.

Phase 2:

Once the second phase, wiseman Solomon recovery and wiseman rex becomes active. The party will destroy all before. Wiseman rex has three attack and a skill that can be caused by lightning attack: the darkness. Attack can reduce your HP/MP 1 and Zombify. Criticism of its personnel to ground handling physical damage caused by poison. We provide Maplestory powerleveling for you.

Use Dispel that also gives the Confuse buff, the one that muddles up keyboard. Due to his Zombify buff and his Dispel skill, it is advisable to take down Wiseman Rex before taking down Wiseman Solomon as he can be more dangerous. Bishops also need to be wary when the Zombify buff is cast as their Heal can most likely KO many of their team mates.

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