Thief Guide In MapleStory

Hello players,welcome to MMonice! There have thief guide in MapleStory that I got from other website.Let me introduce to you.

Head to Kerning city when you reach level 10. Find the jazz lounge next to Mong and head to the basement to find Dark Lord hanging upside down. Speak with him and become a

Rogue. After doing so, speak with him again to get the "Beginner Thief is First Training Session" quest. you well now have a direction to go, and some new equipment to help you

level. Dark Lord will have given you both a Beginner Thief is Wrist Guard and a Beginner Thief is short sword . Both items are Thief only and unable to be traded.

Your skill choices are very important, so be careful, because you have a Rogue. First you want to pick your offensive skill, so you probably want to test out the two weapons to

get a feel for them. Claws only throw stars from a distance, and at this stage you well have minimal range which makes things a little annoying. Although the short sword acts the

same as before, your damage will be increased significantly. For both weapons, imagine them attacking twice as fast with the help of one of the skills you can invest in.

This is when that cursed fun level comes in. I trained here for many hours and came extremely close to dying many times. I have been left with 100hp many times. The reason is because I was to obsessed teleporting around getting massive exp that I totaly forgot to rebuff power guard. A warrior with out power guard is like a mage with out magic guard. Your just moving so fast and having fun doing it you can forget to drink hp potions.My only advice for this is to drill it in to your head "Ok Brad, do not forget to eat unagi when my HP is less then 1500, drink mana potions when I have to.

This map is best worked alone. Do not try to party with any one here or let other people stay in the same map. If some one is in your map just wait and see how they are doing. If they are failing, let them be they wont get in you are way. If they are in your way Do not bother saying "Change Channels Please"(Waste of time, can get you killed, and makes you look rude) Just find a safe spot and change channels until you find a empty map.

Try not to fall in the pit at the bottom of the map only like 4 total Gryphons are down there and it will not make up for accidentally falling. If you do fall ignore them and get back on the cycle as fast as you can.

Even though there are only 1 place that you can fall down and have to walk all over again still be aware of it. However once you get over that spot it should stay out of your way.


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