The Third Job in MapleStory

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In the third job, these Mages undergo a nice power boost. Explosion has a range that rivals Fire Arrow, and a power that is equal to Fire Arrow, rendering it useless, seeing how Explosion is a mob skill, whilst Fire Arrow is stuck to one target at a time. Though, Fire Arrow may find solace in the fact that it gets an upgrade in the form of the Fire Mage is Magic Composition spell. This attack is a fusion of Fire and Poison placed into an ethereal bow.

When launched, this attack strikes with a Base Damage(Maple Story Mesos) of 150, and also a 70% chance of Poisoning the enemy for 40 seconds. Fire Mages also get Poison Myst which is a poison based mob skill that initially hits one monster for damage and then creates a mist with 70% chance of poisoning for all monsters that travel within the mist.

Upon reaching the 4th job, Fire/Poison Archmages are a mirror image of Ice/Lightning Archmages, with the exception that you use Fire/Poison Skills. With Fire Demon, you can choose whichever monster to render vulnerable to Ice attacks. To add on to this set fantastic of Skills, you get to use Meteor which hit up to 15 monsters at once. 570 basic damage and Elquines, which you can summon a demon based on the Ice element.

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