The Skill Point Allocation in MapleStory

Welcome to our site! Now here is a complete MapleStory guide which selected from the other website. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website.


There is a reason we put these two sections together, and we will say it right off the bat, we are not a hermit. We delve into this section with very limited knowledge. We will just meshing everything we know into here, and basically it is just a mix of training, skill point distribution, and all other random crap
that we could fit it in here.

Note that suggestions for this section are much appreciated and needed. If we are ever going to make a skill chart for 3rd job, it will be with your help.
We appreciate it. You are going to want to put your first point in either shadow partner or avenger. Honestly it will not matter. We would max shadow partner next. You can buy Maple Story Mesos.


After this, you will be level 80ish, and you will want to get a little lash Jump, one point should suffice here. Start maxing avenger too, it is an awesome skill. We would max flash Jump next, get some alchemist in there and after that it is completely up to you. Do not waste your points on shadow Meso, although you will have of extra points, we would suggest maxing drain with them. Do not spend any sp after 120. Apparently we will be getting 4th job soon.

As for training we will let you figure that out until we get a few more suggestions. We can give some vague indications if you are totally lost wolf spiders are good, Gobies are popular for higher levels but you will probably need a priest or something. And of course Zakum, and any and all other bosses you wish to beat up with your awesome h4x. The MapleStory gold maybe your best choice.


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