The Skill Builds in Maplestory

Main reason for going No Final Attack is to max skills like Focus, Soul Arrow, and Booster. These skills will still be useful in 3rd job, while Final Attack does not activate with 3rd job skills, like Strafe. There are other reasons, but you waill have to read the rest of the section.

The Heck is Final Attack. It is a 2nd job skill that requires 30 points to max. Final attack is an additional arrow that is triggered when you shoot. Final attack when maxed is triggered at a rate of 60% and deals 250% damage. Final attack has the ability to knockback certain monsters, but does not add a 2 second knockback if the primary attacking skill has already knock-backed the monster. Final attack is not triggered with 3rd job skills such as Strafe or Arrow Rain. By the way, we provide the cheapest gold(Buy maplestory mesos) for you.


There are 5 possible combinations of AB and DS with FA. A lot more mana needed to kill monsters, FA pretty much save you a free DS or AB, so without FA, you will be spending twice the amount of a FA arche. Harder to knock back monsters with if your DS bowmen, since DS does not knock-back very well. FA is proven to be faster than the standard attack, therefore you will have more shots/minute. FA has no minimun range, meaning if FA triggers, you will not get the "bow whacking" animation, but still get the solid 250% shot. May be the cheap maplestory mesos is your best choice.


FA triggers and can kill nothing, meaning it will just wait time. Time wasted when FA is activated may be unwanted and may cause death. ex. Balrog, macis, spears. FA triggers when using Iron Arrow/Arrow Bomb, first monster dies, and then you get overrun by the mob. What certain builds, you can max out Bow Booster and Soul Arrow, a skill you need forever and beyond, you can also have Focus as well. FA may be faster, but it is been proven that DS is strogner than FA. If you skip FA, you can max out skills like Arrow Bomb or Iron Arrow earlier, thus helping you with mobs.

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