The Party Quest for Level 55-100 in Maplestory

The Party Quest for Herb Town covers the range of 55-100. It consists of boarding the Pirates ship and defeating as many of them as possible, while making your way to the Captain, Lord Pirate, who is located deep at the stern of the ship. It is among the shorter Party Quests, and gives little experience(MapleStory Mesos).

The next mainstream accompaniment is the Magatia Party Quest. It is for level(Maplestory powerleveling) 71-85. The purpose of the party quest is to reunite the two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who belong to the opposing Alchemist factions, the jenumists and the Alcadno. The Accompaniments have been heavily criticized for being a very extreme timesink, sometimes in the order of hours of near inaction. Many players do not have the patience to wait or the skill to secure entry.

Before MapleStory began to raise their level of security as they left the Beta stage, most players relied on 3rd party hacks and macros such as Autoclickers that allowed them to click the Accompaniment NPC automatically several times, allowing the leader to relax from the clicking. GameGuard now detects most autoclickers, although some users can create programs to bypass the detection.


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