The Party Quest for Level 50 in Maplestory

Another party quest for characters level(Maplestory powerleveling) 50 and above is the Zakum Party Quest.

There are three major parts to this quest. The first involves a party of any number of members entering a quest which requires the party to collect certain items, with several obstacles. The second is a kind of double horizontal jump task. It is quite difficult, first timers, but when you progress, you will get the hang of it. A small tasks between the second and third, which requires you to look for gold thirty zombie tooths forged Zakum project requirements.

The third and final part of the task is to fight Zakum itself. Most of the version has been implemented Zakum patrol system, in order to prevent the weaker player to join the altar stolen from the top players of Maplestory, because they will waste of space, or for the priests. However, in some versions it is being abused, and higher level players demand payment from lower levels(Maple Story Mesos) to enter the Altar for the helm specially.

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