The MapleStory Merchanting Guide for The 7th Day Market

The Seventh Day Market: There is a Mimi NPC in almost every major town on Sundays. The one in Henesys is right beside Jay. It IS only accessible on Sunday.
Abdullah: He is available from Monday to Saturday. In Henesys, he is next to the market entrance. It is like the stock market. You go in, buy items from the NPC merchants, and then throughout the week you can sell them to Abdullah as his buying prices vary up and down.

The items(Maple Story Mesos) you can buy there From NPCs: Crow Feather Hat. Taxidermy Shark. Unagi (Not the one that you can use as a potion). Spices. You can also visit user shops set up there. Nothing in particular. They do not stack 1 per slot in your Setup Inventory. They can not be sold to Abdullah after 1 week, so you basically have 5 days to pawn them off to him. They cannot be sold to other NPCs.

How to make money: Abdullah is prices for buying(MapleStory gold) the items will fluctuate, according to the NPC, sometimes hourly. The prices at which the NPC sells the items also vary. You can use it like a normal FM. Apparently yes, you can open up your store there. But since it is open for only one day, it is worth less than a spot in the normal FM for those who plan on setting up for a long time. You can set up over the NPCs.

Conclusion: we honestly do not find the Seventh Day Market worth the effort. But if you are a complete newb at merchanting, you can give it a try. The profit you can make from it in a week is minimal, but it does reflect well how buying and selling prices of items can change, so it is good practice.

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