The Legendary Heroes: The Arans


~Credits to Hanabira.Kage’s. Most of the information here prepared by Hanabira.Kage
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“I must go. The Black Magician must be stopped!”

The Arans were legendary heroes who fought to protect the Maple World many years ago from the Black Magician. Unfortunately, they were all cursed and frozen by the Black Magician when they finally managed to seal him. You begin the game as a Lv200 Aran, during the war with the Black Magician. After rescuing the villagers, you decide to join your comrades instead of getting on the ship with the villagers. That was the last time any Aran was seen roaming the Maple World.

You awake to a soft voice calling out to you. The girl, Lirin, tells you that this place is Rien and that you were a legendary hero in the past before you were frozen. You find that you have absolutely no idea what she is talking about, and yet you feel strangely inclined to believe what she is saying. It is as if there are still remnants of your memories beckoning to you, telling you that Lirin is speaking the truth. You decide to follow her in order to recover your lost abilities and memories.

You strike a Muru, the weakest monster in Rien. Ahh…surely you can’t be a legendary hero with this level of power! Perhaps your skills have gotten rusty. In that case, all you have to do is get back to where you were before, right? If you got there once, surely you can get back there once more…

As you would have noticed, the Arans use the Polearm as their weapon of choice. However, they are far from being slow when fighting. In the right hands, the Arans are formidable characters capable of despatching enemies quickly. The Arans are unique in that they utilise the COMBO battle system, which enhances their attacking capabilities when they chain together multiple hits.


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