The Guide for Common Dagger in MapleStory


The information in Maplestory which we got it from other site. Wish you have a good day in this wonder game.      

-Weapon(Buy maplestory mesos) Type:Dagger Speed: Normal.
-Level Req: 85.
-W.ATT: 90 (87-93).
--W.DEF: 1 (0-2).
Req.: DEX-125 LUK-225 STR-10.
-Number of Slots Available: 4-7.

Go to Dark Lord in KC, and ask about the weird dagger. Search through Masteria by talking to NPCs and killing monsters, when you get it, it should be an etc. item. Bring it back to Dark Lord and finish the quest.

At level(cheap maplestory mesos) 95 you can upgrade it bring it back to Dark Lord and ask about the dagger again. He will tell you that he is able to make it more powerful. He tells you to get 2 of both Advanced Black Crystal and Dark Crystal. Bring those items back and he will attempt to upgrade it. Stats can vary very.

-W.ATT : +/- 1-10.
-LUK: +1-5.
-DEX: +1-5.
At a .5% chance, all your skills will be jumped by 1 SP. There is our idea of a common dagger hope you like.


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