Something About Maple Island in MapleStory 1

We have collected the information in MapleStory which we got from other site, hope you like it more or less.

First your damage will be severely limited. Green and Blue Snail are the best training enemy for the beginning Magician. Try not to use healing items now. Save them for later. If you die now, your experience(Buy maplestory mesos) stays the same. Later, during the first job, exp decreases if you die. Now since the big update, it will be a lot easier for mages to level up. Luckily, the Magician is advancement level is only 8, whereas the other classes have an advancement level of 10.


Also, a Hand Axe appears to be the best weapon for a Beginning Mage, since it has a higher tendency to strike for 3 damage. The first few maps have an abundance of green snails. Beyond that are the two towns on Maple Island. If you wish, there are also quests on Maple Island that can be completed. One gives a helmet equip, and another gives a weapon. The second quest may require a lot of patience, as it asks for 10 orange mushroom caps, orange mushrooms have 80 hp as well as 30 blue snail shells.


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