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 Hello, welcome to visit Goldceo, I occasionally saw a short statement with this content in MapleStory, enjoy it

1. Accuracy
This is where accuracy counts. Being able to hit alishar is one of many places where sins and bowmen triumph over all. An assassin almost never misses alishar, and have no need for sniper potions. It is all natural ability

2. Damage
Sins are very strong. They can be made even stronger by rich people with better stars and claws. a level 50 (MapleStory Powerleveling) sin could possibly do like 3k dmg! A group of sins level 45+ could totally own alishar in about 1 minute.

3. Jump attack
This is what makes sins the absolute best at hitting targets and not getting hit themselves. They cna jump to the target is range, swiftly shoot a powerful pair of stars, and jump back before the enemy has time to start attacking.If you still think assassins equal to bowmen in pq read the next section.

4. Range
In pq Range is very important something. Not only in boss stage but it is used in stage 7. That stage requires max range to complete. You might say "sure any ol bowman could do that" but read the next section.

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