Solo Priest Skill Builds

As a solo priest, you well want your SR to start out-damaging heal as soon as possible, without sacrificing too much from other skills. Holy Symbol remains an important skill, when 10% additional EXP for a monster like himes means an additional 300 exp per kill.

Let is begin with the first few levels:
Level 70: 1 Shining Ray.
All other skills suck at this point so you might as well get a mob skill that works on all monsters to help your questing/traveling.

Level 71: 3 Dispel.
These three points will unlock both Mystic Door and Holy Symbol, though the actual skill really is not used much until later.

Level 72: 1 Elemental Resistance, 1 Mystic Door, 1 Holy Symbol or 1 Shining Ray.
Elemental Resistance is very useful for DTs/MDTs. Mystic Door is optional, but many solo priests do find it very handy to have around. At level 1, it just gives you enough time to run to storage and back though.

Holy Symbol and Shining Ray
If you go HS first, you will mostly be training on DTs/MDTS, and have the option of partying at himes as well.
?HS Build
Level 72: Elemental Resistance, Mystic Door, 1 HS
Max Holy Symbol
Max Shining Ray

If you go SR first, you will be able to deal more damage at an earlier level. Maxing SR first is recommended only for those priests who are certain they want to solo, or else you might find yourself stuck at late 7x and 8x.
?SR Build (1)
Level 72: Elemental Resistance, Mystic Door, 1 SR
Max Shining Ray
Max Holy Symbol
?SR Build (2)
Level 70: 1 Elemental Resistance
Max Shining Ray
3 Dispel, 1 Mystic Door
Max Holy Symbol

For the second build, you get Shining Ray immediately, without any other party skills, and a single point in ER for yourself.

Elemental Resistance, Dragon and Dispel
After you max your two core skills (Holy Symbol and Shining Ray), your next step is to pick between ER, Dragon, and Dispel.
?Elemental Resistance: Good for MDTs, DTs, Grims, and anything else that has an elemental magic attack. Does NOT work against himes and black kents. If you decide to train on either monster, this skill can be pushed back.
?Dispel: Used for bossing. Does not work on stun (so really no use in training for solo priests).
?Summon Dragon: 15 points is enough for Bahamut in bishophood. At level 15, it has a good base attack and lasts long enough to make casting it fun to have around. Many solo priests still max it, taking points from Doom and/or Door.

Bossing Build (Traditional Party Priest Build)
Max Elemental Resistance
Max Dispel
15 Summon Dragon
Mystic Door/Doom
If you like to boss, then this build will work fine for you. It wont hinder your training as a solo priest and it well help bossing greatly.

Solo Build
15 Summon Dragon
Max Elemental Resistance
Max Dispel
Mystic Door/Doom
This solo build does not max Summon Dragon in favor of more points in Doom and Door, but it does put Summon Dragon earlier so you can use it to augment SR in training.

Dragon Priest Build
Max Summon Dragon
Max Elemental Resistance
Max Dispel
Mystic Door/Doom
Summon Dragon is maxed in this build at the expense of either Doom (suggested) or Mystic Door. The benefit of this build is that Bahamut does not get to a good level in bishophood until later, so you well still have a nice summon until then. If you are not funded, and Can not use as many summoning rocks as you want, you probably wont be able to use this build to its maximum potential.

Doom or Door?
After you max the other skills, you should have enough points leftover to put 11 into Mystic Door and 10 into Doom, or vice-versa. Many priests may also prefer to put 20 points into one skill and leave the other at level 1. It all depends on which you like better, as neither are necessities. Both will cost you about 5k a use however.

Doom is generally considered a "fun" skill, allowing you to turn monsters into snails. When transformed, monsters can only do touch damage to you, and they are much slower. However, the transformation does not last very long.

Maxed Door lasts 3 minutes, and is handy for washroom breaks, repotting, meeting someone in the FM, phone calls, etc. Basically, it creates a two-way door between town and your training map that you and your party can go through. At higher levels, it becomes particularly handy as Skeles/Newties are fairly deep within Leafre and a bit of a pain to walk to.

If you like both, split the points between them, 11 in one and 10 in the other.

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