Pointers information in MapleStory

found this information from other site, maybe it could help more players in the game, just look through please !

It is a method of accessing a dynamic address about pointer. The address is created on the fly by the game and thus there is no fixed address to specify Sometimes. The pointer is used to take a known static address and with the help of an offset, to point to the dynamic address. The pointer is "created" by using the value of the pointer aka the static address plus the offset. This will give you the address of the destination.

Pointer finding
One way is to use Cheat Engine is pointer scanner. Let is use the unlimited attack as example. When you have the address of the hack:
- Add it to the list.
- First right click and select "see what writesaccess eads to this" and you should have a new window. Now go in game and attack a few times, the list in the window should increase. Now see the last address, its something like: mov ecx. Now what this means is to copy the value pointed to by the ADDRESS eax+13 to the ecx register.
- The brackets around [eax+13] tell us that it takes the value of the enclosed address, which means the address is actually eax+13. The ADDRESS of the value is pointed to by the adding the value of the address pointed to by the eax register plus 13. Thus the "13" is the offset where the "eax" is the base. If you click on that line and click on more information, you can see the "value needed to find" the address. In this case, that’ll be the eax value.
- Now you need go back to Cheat Engine and do a hex search on the value given and you should get the pointer address, and as for the offset we have already found out, so put them to good use.

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