Pet Guide Maple Story

Why should you get a pet, how do you keep it and is there any point on getting it levels? Read on for answers.

When pets first came out in Maple Story Global two years ago it was immediately a big success. Even today Nexon pulls in lots of money on the pets, and the success is still very much alive.

So what is the point of pets in Maple Story?

Pets can loot money and items for their owners, thus limiting the time spent on looting. This is very helpful, and for that simple reason It is worth spending ten dollars every third month on renewing the water of life, money pouch and item pouch. In addition to this, pets give your character more life as you can communicate with it. Not to forget the point of supporting a good free game.

When you want to revive your pet you need to buy a water of life. You must then talk to Mar the Fairy in Ellinia. You can find her by pushing the "up" button at the flower in the bottom right corner in Ellinia. She will send you to the pet park in Henesys, where you need to answer a few questions about pets before you return to Mar the Fairy to get your pet alive.

Your pet is kept going by keeping up its fullness. You can buy simple pet food and feed one whenever fullness becomes low. I usually try to feed mine once fullness goes below 70. When you feed your pet its "closeness" will increase, and with a certain amount of closeness your pet levels. As it levels it gets more commands, and it also gets more obedient when it answers you.

One very important thing about closeness is that there are certain quests that you can only take with a high level pet. If you talk to your pet every once in a while, and make sure to feed it its levels will increase automatically.

Another way of getting more closeness is by taking the pet park jumping quest. Once you have done it a couple of times It is very easy to complete. You can also buy closeness from cash shop, and this is a good option if you have money to spare and little time to train the pet yourself.

Pets are good to have as long as you get the item and Meso pouch. They make leveling faster as you wont have to loot, and you get everything that you normally would have passed by.

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