Part Two: TCOS Math Class

This is something about math class of TCOS. If you are a new, please read up. Ok, Let is start.

What we want to be prepared for though is making 3-D games(The Chronicles of Spellborn Gold) you know because we want to work for companies like Square Enix, Naughty Dog and such. He said we will eventually get to it later, but It is already October and we have not even gotten started on Scratch playing SF4 is fun, but we need to do work too.

We also have three considerably older students in the classroom that we are quite unsure why they are even there since they never say anything. He also said he is going to try and fine a god engine for us to use and someone stupidly said Unreal 3. One of them is a preacher actually and he said he is in the class to make a christian based game. As soon as we heard that we thought of Bible Blaster.

Thanks for your reading. Just have fun in this game! Please contact with our customer service and place an order at any time !

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