Part 1: What to Scroll in Maplestory

Welcome to . We got the guide for Maplestory players from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

This will be a rather brief section to the FAQ. We will just quickly explain to you which stuff you will want to scroll, how to scroll it, and so on. First, and most importantly, you are going to want an attack glove. Attack gloves affect Assassins like you would not believe. On top of the attack glove you should also always use Warrior(Buy maplestory mesos) potions, it will make training much better.

For example, we use a 10 attack glove, and it raises the damage that we can do with Lucky 7 by up to about 300 damage per star. Which is a lot, really. Then on top of that, the warrior(cheap maplestory mesos) potion, which will also help loads. The only problem for this is the price. Buying a prescrolled 11 attack glove will cost you an insane amount, currently it is about 30 million mesos, and rising.

A 10 attack is about 20 million, and an 8 attack is about 12 million. These are all assuming there are no slots again. If you have got an 11 attack glove with slots left, we envy you, seriously. This is pretty much the main reason why you will want to fund your character.

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