Orbis Rush Party Quest Guide

1. What do you need
You have to be in Orbis: The unknown Tower. You need
some special kinds of Maplers:
= A thief with maxed haste
= 2 Maplers who can smuggle items out of the PQ
= A magician with teleport
= 2 other Maplers
= A party of the Maplers shown above (6 members)
The smugglers can be the thief with haste or the
magician with teleport too, but you need more members

2. Getting in the OPQ
To get in the OPQ, you will need to be in a channel
where nobody is in the party quest. Only one party
can be in the OPQ. Well, if this is true, let the
leader of your party click on Wonky, and choose
Apply for entrance. If nobody else is in, you and
your party will go in. If there are all jobs (Thief,
Magician, Bowman, Warrior) in your party, you will
get Wonky is Blessing, this can give you a bonus of
attack, avoidability, accuracy, and more things like
this. It does not really matter in Rush OPQ, because
you Do not need to kill monsters.

3. How to do it
When your party has been created, and you get in,
you have to smash the clouds to obtain the cloud
items. People call this to farm clouds, because
you get the clouds with the whole party (later, not
the whole party will smash clouds). Give the 20
clouds to one of the smugglers, let him smuggle. Now,
one of the party members will have to leave the party
to get all members out of the quest. When he is out,
the leader will add him to the party again. Get in
the OPQ again, and drop the 20 clouds in front of the
tiny, flickering light. Chamberlain Eak will summon.
Let the leader talk to him, and you will gain 6000
experience. You will be teleported to the top of the
map. Do not go in yet. Make 2 teams. 1 team has to
have good jumping skills, a thief with haste, and a
mage with teleport. We call this Team 1. The other
team does not have any requirements. This is Team 2.
We start with Team 2. They Do not go in the portal, but
fall down at the left or at the right side of the map.
They collect the 20 clouds again. When they finish,
they will wait until Team 1 finished <Lobby>.
The leader of the party has to be in Team 1. One of
the smugglers has a <Statue of Goddess: 2nd piece>,
smuggled outside at another OPQ. If they does not,
Let the whole team 1 go to <Storage> and kill the
Cellions, to obtain <Statue of Goddess: 2nd piece>.
Clear the stage to give the whole party 7500
experience. The 2nd smuggler is needed to smuggle this
piece outside the quest. Team 1 will go out of the
<Storage>, and go in the <Lobby>. Depending on which
day of the week it is, you will need to do some jump-
quests. Here is a scheme of what color the LP disk
should be:
Sunday Red
Monday Orange
Tuesday Yellow
Wednesday Purple
Thursday Dark Blue
Friday Light Blue
Saturday Green
Collect the disks and drop the right one in front of
the LP player. Now talk to Chamberlain Eak, and get the
7500 experience. Make sure that the 20 clouds from
Team 2 are in the inventory of the cloud smuggler. The
<Statue of Goddess: 2nd Piece> must be in the second
smuggler is inventory. One party member of Team 2 has
to leave the party, to get the party outside the quest.
Do not worry, the leader must add you again to get in.
When the smugglers are done smuggling, go out. Now let
the leader of the party talk to Wonky to get in again.
Now repeat everything of this chapter, except the
following things:
= No need for farming clouds, just clear the stage with
the smuggled clouds from the pq before this one (those
from Team 2).
= No need to do <Storage>, let the leader just go in and
clear with the smuggled <Statue of Goddess: 2nd piece>.
Team 2 will do clouds again, and smuggle them out again
when Team 1 is done with <Lobby>. The leader of the party
will go to <Storage>, and clear it as soon as he come in,
with the <Statue of Goddess: 2nd piece>. The stage will
be cleared, and the whole party receives 7500 experience.
Now go <Lobby> and do the stage as shown above. After you
did this, you can do it as many times as you want. I
suggest you not to kill the boss because in all Pq is
after killing boss, you will get less experience.

4. How to smuggle
Well, you have read this above, and you Do not know what
smuggling is? Let me explain. Usually, when you have OPQ-
items in your inventory (like clouds, pieces of the
statue), you will lose it when you go out. When you
smuggle, you can keep the items even when you go out.
In my version of this guide which I have posted before this
one, I d put here how to smuggle. I have got an email
(thanks LordLuXun) that It is appropriate to tell how
to do this, so I removed it. There are several ways to
smuggle, but because this should not be possible in MS,
It is a glitch, and its illegal to use glitches. that is
why you will get banned when you use the Orbis glitch
PQ. I hope you wont get banned.

5. Summary
Here is a shorter version of chapter 3:
= First get in and smash clouds to get cloud-items.
= Go out, get in again, clear the stage.
= 3 members go in <Center Tower>, 3 other members fall down.
= The 3 fallen down members collect 20 clouds again.
= The other 3 members clear <Storage>, and <Lobby> after
= 1 of the cloud-members leave the party to get out, 2
smugglers smuggle clouds and <Statue of Goddess: 2nd
Piece>, re-add the left member and get in again.
= Repeat this as many times as you want to get fast exp.

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