Maplestory:point distribution guide


This build is assuming that you have followed the usuall Max MP first, Magic Claw, Magic Guard

build in the first job. I will not post this build here as it can be easilly found elsewhere. For the

information, You will definately need the Magic Claw build because you will be relying on it untill

the third job.

30 - 1 teleport
31 - 35 - 3 thunderbolt
36 - 3 MP eater
37 - 41 - Save these points and max thunderbolt on level 41, or just spend them if you want
42 - 48 - 3 Meditate, 1 Teleport
49 - 54 - 3 points into teleport
55 - 61 - 3 points into Slow, 1 MP eater
62 - 67 - 3 points into MP eater, 2 points in Magic Armor
68 - 70 - 3 points into Magic Armor

You have 11 points left over at the end and can either put these into Cold Beam or Magic Armor.

However you are likely never going to have a use for Cold Beam with only 11 points, so instead

you can put these into Magic Armor for +20 wep defense which at least does something. You

can level Slow, Teleport and MP eater however you like, for example maxing teleport first will

save you a lot of MP when using Teleport and is reccomended, but you can max Slow first if you

want and use it to help when mobbing with thunderbolt.

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