Maplestory tips to leveling in Subway

At level 25 in MapleStory, you can go to Subway to train.If you chose to train at the Subway, pass the Blue Bubblings and into the Stirge map.There are several tips to leveling in Subway.

1.I recommend the Upper Floor out of the two floors because it is less walking distance.
2.You should have that healthy amount of stars and about 400 blue pots to start out with.
3.Do not worry if you Can not 1 HKO Stirges all the time. Just use another L7 and they should die.
4.The great thing about Stirges is that they have a high pot drop rate. So you should be benefiting with Orange pots while your Blue pots wont decrease as fast as you think it would.
5.They also drop Equipment and other things like no tomorrow. Great place to just let out your anger and slaughter a few thousand Stirges.
6.This is where your healthy supply of stars will come in. By the time you are
done using all your Blue pots and the Lemons that the Stirges drop, you should be around 300.
7.Make sure that you are a safe distance from Stirges when you are using L7. You Do not want to hit them,they well follow you like the blood sucking rats they are.

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