MapleStory Guide: The New Weapon Made by Nexon

What if Nexon made a new common weapon for MS and you had the choice of choosing the new weapon . But what weapon it would be and what level it is for and so on. Our idea for the weapon is a Bo staff. You can get it from a quest in leafre which requires 600 processed wood, 15 steel and bronze plates, kill 10 000 monsters, traveled to each major town atleast once, and finish a three stage jump quest.

The level it level  for is 10+ and tradable. The stats are 85 W.att, 80 M.att, 15Acc, 15 Avoid, 7 slots, and normal attack speed. You can go to Magatia to do a optional quest that requires 20 black and dark crystal to add an element of darkness to the staff.

So that was our idea of a new weapon. Feel free to post your and have discussion about what would be the best new weapon if Nexon is ever going to make one,
but please no flame war. P.S a few years ago we actually thought of adding plates to throwing stars for extra attack like an gold plated steelys. It turns out Nexon makes C.ilbis.

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