Maplestory Guide: The Fastest Stage

The fastest stage in Maplestory. There are 4 ropes hanging from 4 platforms here. In order to find a password to clear the stage, three members of the PQ have to hang on to these ropes. The stage is set out with 2 platforms next to each other, with the ropes hanging down, and 2 platforms directly above those, with ropes as well. The traditional way to complete this phase are as follows, be sure to follow this procedure because people tend to get annoyed otherwise:

1. Two party members hang on to the bottom two ropes, one hangs on the top left – leader stands by Cloto and double clicks her to check if the password is right.

2. If the message clear appears, you will be awarded 200 exp(Maple Story Mesos) and you can go to Stage 3 through the portal to the right. If not, the member on the top left should shift to the top right. Have the leader click again.

3. If clear, move on. If not, bottom left member moves to top right. Check again. You can buy Maplestory powerleveling on our website.

4. If clear, move on. If not, bottom right moves to bottom left. Check again – if none of the previous were right, this one will be. Move on to stage 3.

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