Maplestory Guide: Calculations for Weapon Attack

 How much STR equals 1 Weapon(Maple Story Meso) Attack?

Minimum damage: 5 STR = 1 WA for Warriors.
Maximum damage: 3 STR = 1 WA for Warriors; 5 LUK = 1 WA for Thieves; 1 INT = 1 MA for Magicians.

Note: the following information is regarding the minimum damage formula. Maximum damage is about 2 times the minimum. This calculation depends on what class you are and what weapon or skill you are using, see MapleStory/Stats Damage formulas for additional information. For example, if you are a First job dexless Warrior using a Sabre, One-Handed Sword, 32 Weapon Attack, we can set up the minimum damage formula as note that Mastery has been set to 0.6 in this example.

Because of the division, the amount of STR required to equal 1 weapon attack is proportional to the amount of damage you want to deal. Lets say you want your minimum damage to be 100. With the Sabre and 4 dex, you would need 143 STR, the values are rounded to the nearest integer. If you acquired one extra weapon attack (33 instead of 32), by scrolling something or acquiring a new piece of equipment in game(Maplestory powerleveling), it would only require 138 STR (138.43996) to reach a minimum of 100 damage. In this example, 5 STR = 1 Weapon attack.


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