Maplestory Guide: Assassin armor/weapon

This guide is for a funded assassin or one who has a lot of money by level 25-30 please note that this version is much more offensive so stationary bosses with area affect skills (zakum, pianus) with probably be to hard to take on until level 100. Overall this path is quicker to level(Maplestory powerleveling) with. By the time you start here you should have tobis.

Level 30-34 in Maplestory: Buy all luck bonus armor and get the gloves fully upgraded or stick with dark wolfskin. Buy snowshoes and scroll it 7 times with jump 100% scrolls. Level 35-39: Buy the green knucklevest and blue pants get the arbion from John is present quest. Ludi pq all the way until 40. Level 40-49: Buy 5 luk cleave and dark shadow and buy 2 luk pants get an avarice that has at least 23 atk and 3 luk. Get a dark or red pilfer that gives +3 luk if you have bought all the other stuff.

Level(Maple Story Mesos) 50-59: Buy a maximum powered dark slain and a +4 luk sonata buy pants that give at least +3 luk then you have to save save save. Buy steelies during this time period if you have enough. Level 60-69: Buy a 6 luk Identity that is probably all you have money for now anyways.

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