MapleStory Guide: As a Beginner

In the download client and register your ID, you must insert your password and create a pin. To do so, you must choose one of the world. The left side of the world recently, the oldest in the right side. After that, select a channel. When you finally reach this point, you need to create a characeter. Try to suspicious transactions most of your views and DEX when you create your character in Maplestory.

Try not to let an INT or 6 percent of the highest land results. When the character(Maplestory powerleveling) appears, and a statistics you like, start the game. The first time you appear in Maple Island. Try to talk to each person, you see their heads above the bulb. They assigned the task of making peace is really very easy. When you level, your ability to be placed on the role of your ability. As a soldier, you need strength. The first thing you must do is to let your strength (STR), etc. 35. We will explain why.

After that, raise your dexterity (DEX) to 20. If you are unable to do this before level 11, that is ok. If you got a 5 or 4 in both luck (LUK) or intelligence (INT), you should be able to do this though. After that, put all AP into strength up until level 10. We suggest you get off the island at level 9. The reason being in our next section. To leave the island head to Southperry and get on the big boat.


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