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General Maplestory Game Guide
What is MapleStory?

MapleStory (MS for short) is a 2-dimensional, think of those classic arcade Mario games, Massively Multi-player Online RPG. The RPG stands for "Role-Playing Game". This is just a short way of saying that you well take on the role of a character in the game, and you will decide how they develop.

MapleStory has over 50 million players world-wide and is growing. But hat is the secret of such a high popularity? First of all, this game is like no others – It is absolutely free of charge. Developed by the South Korean company Wizet, it has a unique artistic style, great character customization and heavy socialization aspects, such as guilds and hunting parties.

In this guide We well cover MapleStory Global (includes North America and any country without a localized server), but some general information may be applicable to all servers.


Most of the people will start laugh right away at this outdated game when they hear that MapleStory is a 2-dimensional side-scrolling MMORPG. But in fact, comparing to “much better” popular games such as World of Warcraft, Age of Conan etc, MapleStory’s 2-dimensions is a strength, not a weakness.

This is what makes MapleStory something special and different from all other games. And its exclusive and excellent graphics never appears flat. It’s exceptional for a 2D game.

Nexon Cash

Since the game is free to play in all aspects, includeing access to all its in-game features and game areas, no restrictions for leveling or skills, the developers of MapleStory introduced the Cash Shop to generate revenue. This is a virtual shop where players can buy items using Nexon Cash. These items are mainly for some additional customization of your character or your character’s pets (clothes, hair styles, accessories etc.). In order to do this you need to purchase Nexon Cash directly from the MapleStory website (, or from several participating stores (Target, CVS, Duane Reade etc.) selling Nexon Cash Cards.

Real money (USD) can be exchanged for Nexon Cash with following exchange rate:
1$ = 1,000 NX Cash

You can buy cards with 5, 10, 25 or 50 dollar values. Nexon Cash has an in-game name: NX Cash or NX.

Classes and Jobs

All characters begin the game as beginners. Once players have trained their characters to the appropriate levels and have met the stat requirements, they may choose from four classes: warrior, thief, magician and bowman. But before you even start playing the game the first time, you need to decide which one you are going to follow. This is because in order to create a balanced character, you need to distribute stats of your character in a proper manner from the very beginning.

You will need to distribute ability points when you create a character. Ability points are points that you put on four certain stats:

Dexterity (DEX) is mainly for bowmen and decides their accuracy. Other classes that need some dexterity are thieves and warriors. Magicians should always keep their dexterity at 4, as It is useless for that class.

Luck (LUK) is the Magician is ability and is only used for this job. How much intelligence you have determines how big an increase in MP you get at each level up, but this ability is only useful for magicians.

Strength (STR) decides how much damage you can do with a basic attack. High strength is necessary for warriors, but also bowmen and strength bandits need some of it. The only job that should ignore strength completely are magicians. Strength increases HP when you level up.

Intelligence (INT) is the Magician is ability and is used only by this job. How much intelligence you have determines how big an increase in MP you get at each level up, and this ability is only useful for magicians.

Most characters will be required to raise two stats. Warriors will have to raise STR for damage, and DEX for accuracy. Bowmen require STR to hold their bows and DEX to raise damage. Magicians require a little bit of LUK to hold their wands and staffs(staves as fantasy spelling?) and INT for damage. Thieves generally require mostly LUK and some DEX, although one may choose to become a STR bandit to be able to equip STR daggers. STR bandits still need plenty of LUK. But generally, most Bandits stick with LUK. We will cover all these classes in this guide, and it is strongly recommended to make your choice from the start so you can draw ability points in proper manner. Via the dice rolling, you must try to obtain the lowest possible score for the “useless” stats of your future warrior, bowman, magician or thief.

For warrior you will need LUK and INT = 4 or 5.
For bowman you will need LUK and INT = 4 or 5.
For magician you will need STR and DEX = 4 or 5.

For thief you will need STR and INT = 4 or 5; DEX and INT = 4 or 5 (for STR bandits).
Technically speaking, classes are your the first job advancement. There are four job advancements for every class. Where is first job advancement your global choice, after which you will have to develop your character accordingly chosen class. The first and second job advancements are not reversible, you cannot go back and you have to level up in the chosen direction. The player is not given a choice for their third or fourth job. It has already been decided by what was chosen as the second job.

Thankfully, MapleStory has pretty well-balanced classes and jobs. The down side is that some have advantages over the others. Let is take a close look at these four different classes and their jobs advancement.


Warriors are the strongest melee characters in MapleStory in terms of raw damage. Warriors also have the largest amount of HP out of all the classes, as well as the highest defense. Warriors have their own upsides and downsides.

Warriors have a largest amount of HP; up to twice as much as the other classes, and Spearmen even more with their skill "Hyper Body".
Warriors have the strongest armor in the game in terms of defense.
Because of their high damage, HP, and DEF, Warriors can hunt some higher level monsters more easily.

Warriors are able to "tank" most monsters.
Having high STR, Warriors are ideal for newbies.
Warriors can easily take down monsters faster than any other class.
Warriors have the biggest variety of weapons and armor.

Warriors are the slowest class in the game in terms of speed. They can be easily KSed (Killing Steal) (Kill and Steal?).

Warriors have the shortest range of attack comparing to the other classes. As a result, warriors get hit more often, and therefore are spending more mesos on potions.
Warriors have the lowest MP (magic points), so they can’t use any good magic.
Some warrior’s equipment hides the entire head. So no one can see your customized appearance, even if you spent a lot of NX Cash om it.

The warrior is hometown is Perion, where you can take the first job advancement at level 10 with Strength (STR) at a minimum of 35. There are also special shops for all warrior needs.

Every time you get levelled up you must put your ability (stats) points following way:
DEX must always be two times of your level and the rest of the points must go into STR. So by level 10 you should have 20 points in DEX, and at least 35 in STR. Do not waste your valuable points on anything else.

There are some recommendations for the development up to the level 30:

At levels 10-20: Snails are for fast XP, but you should start fighting Slimes, Stumps and Dark Stumps.

At levels 20-25: Pigs and Ribbon Pigs. They can be found at Pig Beach. You can also train near Ellinia. Green and Horned Mushrooms can be found there.

At levels 25-30: Try to get into a Party Quest group. Although some people find that Horned Mushrooms and Wild Boars are good.

Once your character reaches level 30, it can complete the second job advancement. You will need to complete a quest of collecting 30 Dark Marbles dropped by monsters near Perion. A Warrior can choose between becoming a fighter, spearman or page.

If you choose to become a fighter, you have two main choices; swords and axes. Two-handed swords are the most commonly used warrior weapons in the game since they are very stable and do more damage than one-handed swords. They are also expensive. Meanwhile, one-handed swords are faster, even more stable, and can be carried with a shield, but they are weak.

The second choice for fighters is axes. Axes do greater damage than swords, but their minimum damage is less because they are not stable. Generally, they are slower than swords, but can do more knockbacks to enemies, plus they are cheaper. One-handed axes are not very common, because they are not only weak, but also unstable, though you can carry them with a shield.

Pages on the other hand can equip swords and blunt weapons (BW), also known as maces. Blunt weapons are similar to axes, though they are generally stronger and slower. Their prices are even less than axes.

Spearmen though can only use spears and pole arms. However, unlike fighters and pages, most spearmen usually use both types because of the different skills. Spears do weaker damage with slashes than with stabs, which is unstable. Around 60% of the spear hits are weaker than the other 40% of hits. With pole arms, spearmen may have a little more stability, though they are also slow.

At level 70, your page, spearman or fighter can once change their job by talking to the 3rd job instructor Tylus at the Mystics Hut in El Nath of Ossyria and completing two quests. You will require Dark Crystal to finish these quests, strongly recommended to have spare crystal with you. Unlike previous job advancements, the player is not given a choice at this point. Warriors who became Pages become White Knights, Spearmen become Dragon Knights, and Fighters become Crusaders.

By reaching level 120, your character can become even more powerful with fourth job advancement. Crusaders become Heroes, Knights become Paladins, Dragon Knights become Dark Knights. Players are granted 4th job status after they have retrieved Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon for the 4th job instructor Dances with Balrog who is located in Leafre.

Tips for the warriors:
Maplestory warriors are known for fighting up front and giving a lot of raw damage, but there are tactis and small tricks which can help your warrior to minimize the taken damage to save mesos spent on food and pots:
Use attack combined with jump. Jumping over a small monster while attacking it, then attack it again from behind, but must take note of the terrain and position of other monsters to not take additional damage.

Know your enemy! Each monster has its own unique behaviour and attack patterns: some will head straight for nearby players, while others take a less aggressive approach. Equally, some attacks and skills are more effective against certain monsters than others. This kind of knowledge differentiates a good warrior from an average one.
Knowledge of terrain. If there exists a spot on the map which allows you to attack you 1,5r enemy while not getting hit, why not use it?

Use pots appropriate for your HP. Smaller pots usually have better mesos/HP ratio. Good players should seriously consider pots sold in New Leaf City, which are much more cost efficient than potions sold anywhere else.

Choose a right place. Find a good place to train. A good place has a lot of monsters that are at least 3 - 5 levels below you.

Summarizing warrior class, we would like to point it once again. If you chose this class as your first Maplestory experience, you will not be disappointed. Leveling up is considerably fast and in overall this class is well balanced.

Bowmen specialize in powerful ranged attacks. If you like the idea of attacking enemies from a long distance away, and not often getting into close range, then perhaps a Bowman is for you. They have extremely high maximum damage, but unfortunately also have the lowest minimum damage.

Very high maximum damage.
Attack at range.
Usually can get their arrows free from monsters or from other players.
Very high accuracy comparing to other classes.
Can switch to a melee weapon at the lower levels and still be effective.
Can knockback enemies.

Very low minimum damage means damage stability is the worst out of all the classes.
Terrible in melee range unless they switch to a melee weapon.
Cannot combine attack and jump.

Avoidability is not very good which means they get hit more often.
Some players find them the most boring class as in general they just stand at a safe spot and shooting at enemies from a distance.

Low health, getting 2-hit-killed by monsters at high levels.
Lack of party spells may lead to being excluded from parties.

After considering all its advantages and disadvantages, it is easy to guess, why bowman class is the least popular among players. However, there are still fair amount of players who love this class.

The bowmen are based in Henesys - the most popular place to train, trade, and socialize in Victoria Island.

The formula for bowmen to distribute ability points: for every level up you must put 4 points to Dexterity (DEX) and 1 point to the Strength (STR). Dexterity is good for bows, but and Strength is better for melee weapons. Strength affects the minimum damage range of a bow, but only very slightly, and at low levels almost unnoticeably. By level 10, when you need to do your first job advancement, you should have around 40 points in DEX and 15 in Strength.

At level 10, Beginners can travel to Henesys Park, where Athena Pierce will grant the player status as a Bowman. You will need to have at least 25 DEX to advance, but if you follow our guide it shouldn’t be a problem for your bowman.

To reach your next advancement you will need to reach level 30. Want to admit, it is not easy one, because of all bowman’s disadvantages. To pass it by the most efficient and quickest way, we will recommend you to follow this scheme:
At levels 10-16 kill Slimes and Orange Mushrooms. Found around Henesys.
At levels 17-20: You can add to your list Pigs, Ribbon Pigs. It has a good spawn at a hidden area between Lith Harbor and Henesys called Pig Beach. Also it can be found in a couple of areas around Henesys.
At levels 21-25: Look for Green Mushrooms, Horny Mushrooms, Wooden Masks and Ghost Stumps. All of them can be found around Perion.
At levels 26-30: Level up on Horny Mushrooms, Green Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms, which can be also found near Perion.

Upon reaching level 30, players need to meet Athena Pierce again at Henesys Park. From there, she will send the player to meet the second advancement instructor at the top of Road to the Dungeon. The instructor will send them into a special map, where they must collect 30 Dark Marbles.

Upon successfully gathering the marbles, the second advancement instructor will send the player back to Athena Pierce, and she will grant the player their second job - either as a Hunter or Crossbowman.

Hunters are specifically designed to use bows, though it is possible for them to wield crossbows. Hunters generally fire shots faster than Crossbowmen; however, their damage is less than Crossbowmen.

Crossbowmen are specifically designed to use crossbows, though it is possible for them to wield bows. A CrossBowman is damage is generally greater than a Hunter is; however, Crossbowmen fire shots slower than Hunters.

Third job advancement is made at level 70 in El Nath. You will need to complete a quest to advance. The third job advancement is the first major boost in power. The skills are far more powerful than any previous job and the test is harder. After the third job advancement, the monsters that will be trained on are far more powerful. Get ready to enter training methods where the monster can kill an archer in two hits. At this advancement Hunters become Rangers and Crossbowmen become Sniper.

At level 120, your bowman can get final job advancement. At Level 120, speak to Athena Pierce. She will send you to see Legor of Leafre. The job instructor will instruct you to return the Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon. They are dropped by Manon and Griffey, or obtained through buying the Secret Letter of Spell from Vega and giving it back to the Chief Tatamo of Leafre. Bowmen who became Rangers become Bow Masters, Snipers become Marksman.

Tips for the bowmen
In general tips will be the same as for warriors: knowledge of the terrain, learn monsters, pick a proper place to train, use appropriate pots. But there are also few specific ones:
Puppet is a Ranger is best friend. It can be used to distract monsters that the player has aggravated. By placing it out of range of the monster is magic attacks, the monsters are rendered helpless. Puppet is not as needed for snipers since they can merely freeze opponents.

Despite the many efficient enemies to train on from level 45 to 50, this is considered the "Archer hell" period. The least amount of experience percentage per hour will be gained during this time. Do not get discouraged!

After level 55, you should be able to figure out which training spots are good and which are bad. You can truly go nearly anywhere now.

Summarizing this class, we can say, that bowman is actually not that bad as many can think. You just need to treat it nicely. And if you like range weapon, this class is definitely for you.

Magicians are the magic fighters of Maplestory. They are also one of the most fascinating class in the Maplestory, which makes them one of the most popular character class among Maplers. Magicians are unable to melee, but they are able to do a monstrous amount of damage to multiple enemies when they are at high levels. So let’s look at their advantages and disadvantages.

Highest amount of MP.
They can cast multiple attack spells.
Ranged attacks, some of which can go through walls.
Decent accuracy.
May use MP to replace HP with Magic Guard.
Second Job advancement classes have elemental attacks; Clerics have many useful party skills.
Decent damage at Third Job advancement levels.

It can be very hard for Magicians to master certain types of attacks.
Very low HP.
Very low Weapon Defence.
MP potions cost a lot of money.
In Second Job advancement, low damage to monsters not belonging to a weak element.
They are not able to melee, meaning they cannot attack at close range to the enemies.

Magicians are probably the fastest leveling class in the game and that is especially true at lower levels. Magicians have various ranged attacks and some can even go through walls.

For magicians the main stat is obviously Intelligence (INT) to increase their magic attack but they also require Luck (LUK) to wear armor. Magicians should put 1 point into LUK and all remaining points into INT.

Magician is hometown is Ellinia, the forest town, and possibly the most unpopular and most difficult town to navigate in Victoria Island.

The magicians are the only class that can receive their first job advancement at level 8. This is because it is impossibly hard for magicians to level without a magic attack, because they have no STR. To make this advancement, you will need to travel to the city of Ellinia and talk to Grendel the Really Old. Your character will need at least 20 Intelligence (INT) to become a Magician.

To reach your next advancement you will need to have at least level 30. Follow next leveling recommendations:

At levels 8-13 (with Energy Bolt): Blue Snails, Shrooms and Red Snails;

At levels 13-18 (with Energy Bolt and early levels of Magic Claw): The election can be made between Slimes at Dungeon, Southern Forest I or The Tree That Grew I and II and Orange Mushrooms at Henesys Hunting Grounds or Mushroom Garden.

At levels 18-23: It is good time to kill Pigs and Ribbon Pigs at Pig Beach. While in Pig Beach, try to avoid the occasional Iron Hog and do not hit it, as it will start to pursue you until you leave.

At levels 23-30: Green Mushrooms and Horned Mushrooms at Tree Dungeons near Ellinia. Another choice would be Kerning City Party Quests (PQs), a special kind of quest that requires a party of four, which offers nice rewards and experience.

Once you have reached level 30, go back to Ellinia is Magic Library, which is located at the highest point of Ellinia. Go inside and talk to Grendel the Really Old. He well give you a letter and you have to pass it to the job advancement instructor located at the north of Ellinia. After giving the letter, you well be given an errand to collect 30 Dark Marbles by defeating the monsters inside. Be careful to stock your potions up before you start collecting the 30 Dark Marbles. Player gets choice of becoming either Wizard or Cleric.

Wizards can develop Fire/Poison or Ice/Lightning skills:
Fire/Poison wizards are strong against magic based enemies with fire or poison spells. Fire-based spells are the most powerful spells in game. They can perform up to 1.5 times damage to the ice based enemies. However, performing fire-based spells to fire-based enemies is disadvantage. They will receive either half the normal damage attack or even none at all. Poison-based spells poison enemies. It will slowly take away enemies’ HP
Ice/Lightning wizards are strong against magic based enemies with ice or lightning spells. Ice spells aren’t as powerful as the fire spells, but they have an advantage of being able to freeze up an enemy temporarily. Once again, performing ice spells to ice based enemies is disadvantage. They will receive either half the normal damage attack or even none at all. Lightening spells are the weakest of all spells, but they have the advantage of attacking many enemies at once. Performing lightning spells requires plenty of MP on each attack.

Cleric may not possess the attacking spells like fire and ice, but they have holy spells that are very powerful against the undead and devil based monsters. They are also equipped with skills of casting healing magic which make up to its disadvantages.
At level 70 you can do your third job advancement. Go to El Nath Chief Residence and speak to Robeira. You will need to get the Necklace of Wisdom for her to advance. The 3rd job advancement will give magicians new very powerful skills. Wizards become Mages and Clerics become Priests.

Fourth job advancement for magicians can be done at level 120. Head over to El Nath and talk to Robeira. When you ask her for the fourth job advancement, she will tell you that she doesn’t have that power and will give you a letter to take to your fourth job instructor in Leafre. You will need to obtain following items to advance: Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon. They are dropped by Manon and Griffey, or obtained through buying the Secret Letter of Spell from Vega and giving it back to the Chief Tatamo of Leafre. After this Mages become Arch Mages and Priests become Bishops.

Tips for the magicians:
In general tips will be the same as for warriors or bowmen: knowledge of the terrain, pick a proper place to train, use appropriate pots. But there are also few specific ones:
Learning monsters is even more important for magician, because the damage dealt depends very much on type of monster.

If you want to level faster, you can use power leveling method. It is very expensive one, but will save you a lot of time. Even though, magicians recover MP fairly quick, with this method you need to spend your mesos on pots and use them every time you see your MP is on the low side.

Many players name Magicians as the strongest class in Maplestory, but only if it is developed properly. So if you want to follow this class, be prepared to study the game a lot.

A class that either uses throwing stars to attack enemies, which is ranged combat, or uses daggers to quickly attack multiple times up close. This is the only class that has the choice of close or far-ranged combat. Here are advantages and disadvantages of the thieves:

• A Thief can execute extremely fast attacks.
• They can use range or melee attack, making them quite versatile when it comes to attacking their enemies.
• Thieves have the ability to execute jump attacks easily comparing to other classes.
• They possess high accuracy and avoidability.
• A Thief has low HP and Defence level.
• Dagger thieves will take a while to level their characters.
• Assassins will cost a lot of mesos to operate.
• Thieves are very abundant.

Thieves enjoy a decent amount of dexterity and power, and considered to be very “Luckyâ€They are also very good at hiding and in sneak attacks, which he is able to put to good use in battles. The primary weapons are daggers and claws. As for special skills, not surprisingly, it is stealing and the ability to move surreptitiously.

For each level you gain, it is important to remember to add Ability Points. For each level, you obtain 5 ability points. After creating your character, add to DEX every point until it gets to 25. Then, put the rest you receive, until level 10, into LUK. Even if you see that your damage is very poor, do not add points into STR. If you are going to be a STR Bandit, not yet. But in general, your DEX should have twice the points of your level and the rest of the gained points go to LUK.

Thieves are based in Kerning City. Kerning City is located in the western region of Victoria Island. Here you can buy some thief’s specific items and also get your job advancements.

After you have trained to the level 10, get a white Taxi to the Kerning City for 80 - 120 mesos (very cheap discount price for Beginners only). Enter the Jazz Bar in the centre of the map, go down the ladder and talk to the Dark Road. You will need at least 25 DEX to advance and become a thief (rogue).

For second job advancement you will need to have at least level 30. Here is the list of recommended training spots and monsters:

At levels 10-15: Snails, Slimes and Orange Mushrooms at Henesys Hunting Grounds.

At levels 15-20: Shroom and Orange Mushroom at Mushroom Garden.

At levels 20-25: Pigs and Ribbon Pigs at Pig Beach.

At levels 23-30: Stirge at Transfer Area.

At level 30 go back to the Jazz Bar in Kerning City. Speak to the Dark Lord. He well give you a letter to give to the job advancement instructor near Kerning City. After giving the instructor the letter, you well be given an errand to collect 30 Dark Marbles by defeating the monsters inside a special map. Be careful to stock your potions up before you start collecting the 30 Dark Marbles.

Once you have collected 30 Dark Marbles, talk to the instructor, and the instructor will award you with a Proof of a Hero. Go back to Kerning City is Jazz Bar, and talk to the Dark Lord once again, where then you well advance as the Bandit or Assassin.

The Bandit chose to use daggers over a claw and throwing stars/knives. The Bandit is fast and agile class that uses weaker, yet lightning fast attacks to down enemies. Due to the short range of their weapon of choice, Bandits are forced to get very close to their targets. A BandIt is skillbook contains skills that play up their strengths.

The Assassin is the Thief that chose to use throwing-stars and knives as weapons of choice. The Assassin is agile and fast and able to attack from the air. They Can not throw projectiles at close range, so they make up for it by being able to escape tight situations easily. Skills at the assassin is disposal help the Assassin improve mastery of their weapons, such as Claw Booster and Claw Mastery.

At level 70 your character can advance once again, it is time for third job advancement! Speak to Arec at Chief Residence in El Nath. He will send you back to Kerning City to speak with The Dark Lord. The Dark Lord will give a quest to defeat his dark side. Locate the Door of Dimension found in Monkey Swamp II and enter the Path of the Glittering Crystal. At the end you well be confronted by The Dark Lord is dark side. Defeat him and return to The Dark Lord with the Black Charm. He will give you the Necklace of Strength to show to Arec. Present it to Arec. Arec will tell you to go to the Holy Ground at the Snowfield from the door in Sharp Cliff II. Once there, sacrifice one Dark Crystal to answer five questions. Answer them all correctly and you well be given the Necklace of Wisdom to return to Arec. Speak to Arec once more to complete your journey and he will advance your Assassin to Hermit or Bandit to Chief Bandit!

To do your fourth job advancement, at level 120, speak to Dark Lord. He will send you to see Hellin of Leafre. The job instructor will instruct you to return the Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon. They are dropped by Manon and Griffey, or obtained through buying the Secret Letter of Spell from Vega and giving it to Chief Tatamo of Leafre. Either way, return the items to Hellin and she will complete your journey as a Hermit and advance you to Night Lord from Hermit or to Shadower from Chief Bandit!

Tips for the thieves:
In general tips will be the same as for warriors: knowledge of the terrain, learn monsters, pick a proper place to train, use appropriate pots. But there are also few specific ones for this class:
• This is the defensive class, a complete opposite of warriors.
• Though probably being the most expensive class to level, but also gain the most mesos in the process.

The Chief Bandit is probably the best job advancement in Maplestory. They have excellent
attacking power, speed, and accuracy which make them a formidable class. The Chief BandIt is skill Meso Explosion allows the player to explode nearby mesos and deal damage to monsters.

Thieves can choose between ranged and melee, unlike the other classes, and they also have the second best amount of HP, armor and defence, but as a trade-off they lack MP; of which thieves generally need to use a lot, perhaps even more than mages. Also keep in mind, that because of the low level of STR you will be weak at the first 15-20 levels. Some believe this makes thief a bad choice as a first character.

Although almost everyone who plays Maplestory will decide to advance into a job at level 8 or 10, some might decide to not do so. These players are called Permanent Beginners (Perma Beginners, also known as supernoobs).

So the hardest part is deciding which class is fit for you, not for anyone else. It might be because of the massive damage, type of attacks, specific skills, looks, or just fun, but it must be fit for you to play it. Otherwise, you will get bored and it wont be fun for you at all.

We hope this guide will give you few good ideas for your character development and valuable information about different classes and jobs of Maplestory. Happy Mapling! 

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