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Over the past 2 years, there has been many huge updates. Including a few which revamps classes, maps, monsters and a ton of other stuff. In July of 2010, the Korean version launched Big Bang which was a huge update that revamped everything in the entire game. Winter of 2010 launched the Chaos update which brought class rebalances, a Profession system that lets you create items and the long awaited PvP. maplestory mesos. Later on, a more minor game update but significantly big enough which revamped some other classes. Next up was Legends which brought 3 character classes and allowed the Korean version of the game to reach a record high of players online (700,000). Next up was Justice, which brought the long awaited Thief and Pirate revamps, a new Hero class and Azwan, a high leveled battle quest. Summer of 2012 brings Tempest, with Tempest brings 3 new classes, and a whole new world. Unlimited comes in the Winter at the same year, bringing another 2 new classes with a overhaul on equipment stats, many updates follow as MapleStory progresses.

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