MapleStory : Game Officially Launched

Wizet announced recently that Maple Story has gone live. This scroller-styled MMORPG is now available for player ratings here at The announcement found on the official site is below: The Official MapleGlobal service will be open for the public on May 26 at 11AM GMT (7AM Eastern Standard Time). New users will be able to explore the Maple World, embark on adventures, and participate in various events. We hope our existing beta users have enjoyed the Preview Session. With the opening of MapleGlobal, the Preview Session will come to an end. There will be many more exciting events and additions to the game in the coming future, so don?t worry! Again, we thank our users for all their interest and support. Note: 1. Yes, it?s still free-to-play! 2. For account security, all accounts must be verified with an emailed verification code post sign-up and after any account edits. Users cannot enter the game world without verifying their accounts. 3. The Cash Shop is not ready but we are preparing for launch later this summer. 4. A new World will be added to accommodate new users.

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Kindly Reminder

Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.