Maple Story Magician Guide - A Magician Guide For Choosing Your Maple Story Character

Magicians are the Magic Powers of Maple Story. They are also one of the most fascinating character class inside the Maple Story game, which makes them one of the most popular character class among Maplers.

Magicians are unable to melee (attack at close range) but they can render huge damage by the use of their powerful spells and insane power that they possess at high levels.

Magicians are able to do a monstrous amount of damage to multiple enemies when they are at high levels during the Maple Story game play.

The Pros of using Magicians as your character class in Maple Story are as follows:

1. Magicians in Maple Story can render high damage during the 1st class job advancement.

2. They can cast multiple attack spells such as Magic Claw.

3. Magicians have high amounts of MP when compared to other character classes such as a Warrior.

4. They can use Magic Guard as a form of defence to take damage from enemies.

And the Cons of using your Magician character in Maple Story are as follows:

1. Magicians have low Health and Defence statistics if you compare them to other Maple Story characters.

2. They are not able to melee, meaning they cannot attack at close range to the enemies.

3. Magic Guard takes up a lot of Mana when Magicians are using them.

4. It can be very hard for Magicians to master certain types of attacks.

The above helpful pointers serve as a Magician guide for you when choosing your Maple Story character.

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