Maple Story Magician guide

The Mage is main stat is INT. This stat increases magic damage and defense. It also increases the amount of maplestory you will get per level up. You’ll be spending most of your stat points in here. LUK is the secondary stat. It raises availability and decreases the amount of EXP you lose when you die.
It doesn’t matter what your INT and LUK are as long as you rolled at least STR and DEX as fives or lower. If you didnot get the stats you want click the little red dice next to your character at character creation. Now how to spend your stat points during levels is easy enough to understand. First you need to see that your LUK is 13 at level 10. Don’t make it 13 any time before or after Level 10. Then you can spend all your stat points in LUK but other wise they all go into INT. This will allow you to wear most equipment (maybe not all on the level requirements) and since INT gives more maplestory, your maplestory levels will be quite high after a few levels. If you are feeling you are taking to much damage or just don’t like your armor go ahead and spend some stat points into LUK on levels other than 15,20,etc (not recommenced)

Leveling Tips

LVL 1-8: Here you should still be on Maple Island the first island. Stay in the first few areas of the island and fight green and blue snails. Once you are at lvl 8 move on to Victoria Island by taking the Victoria form South Perry.

LVL 8-13: Start fighting in the training area one screen west of Heresy’s is the bowman town. You want to stay on the bottom floor of the area and fight the snails you see. Use your Energy Bolt as often as possible and when maplestory runs out stand on the key on both side of the screen and recover.

LVL 13-18: Time to move up a floor in the training area. This floor is covered with Green Slimes. These will do about 6 damages to you if you haven’t bought all the armor. These give 10 EXP a pop so things go buy pretty quickly.

LVL 18-20: Either stay on the slime Floor for a level or two more or move up to the Orange shroom floor. The orange shroom will give 15 EXP per kill but you will have to take about 3 shots to kill them which by now aren’t a whole lot of maplestory but takes a while
LVL 21-30: To the Horny Mushroom tree. These guys will give you over .10% for the next few levels. Fight these guys all the way up to level 30

LVL 25-31: Do the PQ if you want too. Mages are the most useful character in the PQ and will be accepted into parties easier. If you Do not feel like waiting for the PQ then just go level on Horny Mushrooms.

LVL 31-40: Either level on boars or fire boars there are a bunch of spots near Perion like the burning zone or the land of wild boars.

A) Passive Skills
Imaplestoryroving maplestory recovery:
- Prerequisites: none
- Master level: 16
- Description: With this skill you well be able to recover even more maplestory every 10 seconds. maplestory recovery is also dependant on the level of the mage. Each skill point here increases the amount of maplestory

Imaplestoryroving Max maplestory Increase:
- Prerequisites: Imaplestoryroving maplestory recovery 5
- Master level: 10
- Description: This skill will increase the amount of maplestory you get per level up. The more points put in the skill the more maplestory. Also if this skill has points in it if you should decide to put a stat point into maplestory then the increase would be more than normal.

B) Defensive Skills
Magic Guard:
- Prerequisites: none
- Master level: 20
- Description: Temaplestoryorarily replaces damage to HP with maplestory. If there is no maplestory the HP takes a full beating.

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