Level of Warrior in MapleStory

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Warrior stats screen. So you want to be a Warrior(Buy maplestory mesos). After the last update, dice roll is no longer needed, just choose your character is name and appearance. Your clothing will not matter much as you will have the opportunity to change it at level 10. Enter the game, complete the tutorial, and voil! You can now fight with Snails and other monsters. Being a warrior, its a breeze in Maple Island. Level 5 onwards, all monsters are possible; just be cautious against Orange Mushrooms.

Level(cheap maplestory mesos) 1-5: Snail Hunting Ground I-II. Snails, and Blue Snail. Level 1-9: Split Road. Blue Snails, Red Snails, and Shrooms. Level 9-10: Dangerous Forest. Lots of Orange Mushrooms. Try to kill two at a time as it will save a lot of mesos. Complete Pio is quest for The Relaxer because its a way to heal with out using pots. Just sit at a place where a monster will not hit you and you will heal 50 health every 10 seconds. Keep training until you reach level 10, then head to Southperry and head off to Victoria Island to finally become a Warrior.

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