Information Of MapleStory Beginner Character

This article is an introduction of beginner character in MapleStory that came from other site, hope you like it.

When you start out as a beginner in game, as such, you will not enjoy owning any special skill yet, but you are capable of learning and mastering basic skills such as walking, attacking, jumping, sitting and picking up items. However, upon reaching level 8 or 10, you are then allowed to choose a class. This is called a job advancement. You can either be a "Warrior", "Magician", "Bowman" or a "Thief".

Requirements and locations needed for a job advancement in each class will vary. A player can make a maximum of four job advancements in the game. Each job advancement will come with a Skill Book, which will list out a variety of skills that are essential in your journey. In some cases, however, you will have to complete a quest or fit a certain requirement before advancing to the next job.

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