How to Earn Mesos in Maple Story

Maple Story is a massively multi-player online role playing game. The game is free to play but you must purchase certain enhancements using real money. Players can also try to earn Mesos during game play to buy items and other things.
Step 1Find out about any scams that are popular on Maple Story. This will help you to protect your items and Mesos. Some scams will target newbies and others will target more experienced players.

Step 2Leave a space in your inventory for items that come to you through random events, defeating monsters and quests.

Step 3Play often to increase your chance of getting a random event. Random events can give you an item, Mesos or experience. If you get an item, you can sell it for Mesos.

Step 4Work on advancing in class. The higher your class, the better the items and Mesos awarded to you for defeating monsters and finishing quests.

Step 5Fight and defeat as many monsters as possible. Monsters will sometimes drop items when they die. Sell these items to gain Mesos. Some monsters will drop Mesos instead of an item when they are defeated.

Step 6Finish quests. You will earn items that you can sell, Mesos or abilities when you complete a quest.

Step 7Sell items. You can sell any item that you win if it is of no use to you. You can also scour the site for items that you can buy cheap and sell for a profit.

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