Guide to the Ultimate Warrior

Table of contents:
0.1 Requirements for the Ultimate Warrior
0.2 What is my Warrior about?

1.1 Warrior Intro
1.2 Why Warrior?
1.3 Why not Warrior?

2.1 AP guide
2.1.1 DEX
2.2 SP guide

3.1 Where to train?
3.2 How to train?

4.1 Equipments
4.1.1 Choosing them

5.1 Deciding on 2nd Job
5.2 After the UPGRADE

6.1 3rd Job

7.1 Difference

8.1 Last Words
8.2 My own doubts
0.1 Requirements for the Ultimate Warrior
- Lots of Mesos
- Lots of Luck (Can used Mesos to replaced Luck)
- Lots of time
- Perserverance
- Able to stand friends who will say "you well regret it"

0.2 What is my Warrior about
- Getting High Damage (the kind of high that makes you feel high)
- Getting the kind of damage that normal warriors can only look on in awe
- aka Fabled Low Dex Warrior
1.1 Warrior Intro (aka what is a Warrior?)
- Heavy Tankers
- Late game Solo-ers (ard lvl70-80plus)
- Cool and Cute Plus together (haha)

1.2 Why Warrior?
- High HP
- High Damage (Late Game)
- High Weapon Defense
- Can Tank
- Can Solo
- nICE late game equips

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