Guide To Making Millions of Mesos

So you’re just starting out in Maplestory and you’re in need of mesos to buy certain equipment or whatnot. This is the ultimate guide to earn mesos when just starting out, and tips in this guide should be used even when you’re level 70, it’s that helpful! There are a few basic rules you should follow on your road to making millions of mesos, these rules should guide you throughout the game, even when you aren’t a newbie anymore. Let’s begin this mesos making guide.

When you’re just starting out make sure you know the ins and outs of scammers in games. Every single online multiplayer game has scammers trying to cheat you out of your mesos and steal anything and everything they can from you. You need to be on the lookout for these sorts of people, what they usually do and how they act. Scammers usually have offers that seem way to good to be true, they will want you to trade your mesos, your items or anything else you might have without them giving you anything in return but a “promise” of something great in the future. At times they will promise you millions of mesos or super rare items if you give them something at that moment in time, and of course after you give them that certain item they run off and you’ll never hear from them again. Also remember probably the most important thing in the game, and that’s to never ever give your password or pin to anybody in the game, on any website, or any program that you download! Overall you just need to be cautious and always on the lookout for scammers, if something is too good to be true, it probably is, and if possible try to ALWAYS use the trade system or markets when making transactions for items and whatever else you may need.

You just killed a monster and he drops a small red potion? Do you pick it up or just say “forget it” and walk away? If you don’t pick it up then that’s a loss for you, when you think about it, if you eventually got to level 30 it probably means you killed thousands of monsters, tens of THOUSANDS perhaps! Now imagine EVERY single item you left behind, that you thought wasn’t worth picking up, it’s so sad when people just leave drops lying around and not pick them up. If you pick up as many items as you can, no matter how crappy or unowrthy they are, I promise you’ll be making MILLIONS of mesos from selling them later on. Every time you do a quest, make sure you empty out your inventory before heading out. That way when you’re killing monsters you can pick up and collect as many items in your inventory as possible. If you don’t make thousands of mesos each trip you make you can come back and blame me for a terrible tip, but honestly you’ll thank me for doing so!

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