Getting in Ludibrium Party in MapleStory

You should be aware that your party should consist mostly of level 40 (MapleStory Powerleveling) players if you are forming a party . you well have no problem if you invite a few 35-39 players to your party, but too many and you well have trouble taking on the final boss. You should also be concerned with the diversity of the party. A high-Heal Cleric is very highly recommended - almost essential. Also, you need a Thief with Dark Sight (Assassin or Bandit) to complete the quest. Bowmen are very helpful on some levels but unneccessary. Warriors excel in this quest since most of the levels take place on small platforms. You need a mage with teleport also.


Put on your best equips and go from channel to channel advertising your availability if you are trying to get into a party. Dont stay too long on each channel. Keep in mind that you well have a much easier time getting in during  weekdays, during the early afternoon and late at night. If you play in a server other than Scania or Bera also you well have a much easier time. Once in a party, ask for your party is track. If they Do not have one and you are not prepared to wait a long while, Do not hesitate to leave and search for another party. If they do have a track, check it.


You need to start repeatedly checking your track Once the other party is at stage 7. Stage 8 will probably take awhile for them to finish, but once they get into A Crack on the Wall (the boss stage), your leader needs to start clicking the stop-sign. The PQ will open only a few seconds after they leave the boss stage !


For all players, i highly hope it is informative to you, and if you are too busy and dont have enough time to farm MapleStory mesos for your character, please feel free to contact us through our live chat anytime, we could help you ! Anyway i hope you could enjoy our MapleStory and have wonderful time with your character in the game !


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