Five Tips For Maplesstory warriors

This guide will help you in the path of a warrior.

When you start off as a beginner you should already know what your going to be, and if you have chosen the path of a mighty warrior, the close range fighter, this guide is just for you. Also, if you have not chosen your path and you are still a beginner check my beginner guide here.

1.Now It is common, that many people that Do not read guides miss almost all attacks on stronger monsters. Why? It is because your DEX is low. It should be as your STR/2. That means if your STR is 42 your DEX should be 21, If your STR is 86 your DEX should be 42 and so on.

2.Basically warriors are strong alone, but after fighting a few packs of monsters your hp will go down. Do not use potions if you can rest somewhere near. That will help you save money, and even exp, because you only should use potions when you are about to die and There is no way out.

3.Having trouble leveling up? Just ask some nice people to party with you, it will help you get more exp and help other party members get some too. But if you join a party get ready to kill hard, because party leader do not like the members standing and sleeping.

4.A party is good, but not good enough? Your level is too high and the party system is slow? Then you should try the party quest. Just go to Kerning city on CH 1 shouting "Joining party quest" and if you are lucky, you should get invited. Then your party will get a few tasks to complete. For more info on the party quest go to here.

5.This goes with tip 2. There is a skill called "improving HP recovery"you must level it up, until it is mastered. It will allow you to heal more hp per 10 seconds. When you master this skill you will heal 60 HP per 10 seconds. This is a passive skill. That means it does not use MP or anything. Then there is a skill called "Endure". It will help you heal HP even when you are hanging on a rope or vine. When you master this skill, you will also heal 60 HP per 10 seconds, while hanging.

I wish you good luck my fellow warriors!


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