Defensive tactics of Dragon Knight in Maplestory

As the main every dragon knight(MapleStory Mesos), and attack - mob, poor, they mill depend strongly on the ground to keep yourself knockback, the party, the priests from burning potions. However, they have defensive advantages to help. For beginners, anger is a long distance attacks can be used to kill monsters from them. In addition, if necessary sacrifice can help prevent the enemy.

Also, the use of the damage by up to 40% er ranged attacks and spells by tactics, DK less damage. Of course, handling rioters often took the contact points of damage. So it has much help. Dragon knight is in Maplestory, because the super body partied class.

It is a vital skill makes mages, archers, bandits, even the strongest survive hermit opponent attacks, including the boss. Their ability to reflect, especially in small and large monster, also make them an ideal partner, especially in the game(Maplestory powerleveling) at present the most popular senior training field, began.


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