Be an Archer in MapleStory

 We have collected the information in MapleStory which we got from other site, hope you like it more or less.

Archers are an underused class(Maple Story Mesos), but once they make it to the 3rd job, they have amazing potential. They are possibly the most KSed class in the beginningof the game, due to their lack of dmg stability, but the dmg range is greatly improved once you get the bow mastery in the 2nd job.

unlike mages, who start out strong, to see a truly lethal archer, you must make it to level 35 or so, which many people do not have the patience.
If this class does not sound appealing to you, you should not be an archer, early leveling is a pain, but your hard work pays off in the 2nd job, and archers become possibly the most deadly class in the game(MapleStory gold).

Even if this does not sound appealing to you, give it a try, we did not think we would like archers either, but here we are writing an FAQ on them. If you like to be up in the enemy is face, and smash things up close, try being a warrior. If you like to have a lot of mp, and kill things from a medium distance, try being a mage.

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