An Great Elementors Guide

Inheriting the power of nature, the Elementor commands the greatest force the world has ever known to pummel it’s enemy into the ground. Scholars at heart, Elementors have learnt a multitude of skills to accompany them on their journey…

Elementors are one of the underrated classes in Roika. You won’t see much elementors in the game when compared to Psykeepers. That’s too bad because while every class is unique, the Elementor may be the most unique because it has so many skills to play with meaning you’re have the most fun and the most challanging time to master them all. If you really want to feel complete, mastering a Elementor would be the greatest feat you can achieve in FlyFF.

Elementors are one of a kind. You aren’t just double clicking everything in sight to level up, but you have the largest array of skills compared to any other class to use in primarily AoE (area of effect) combat.

Elementors are, as FlyFFWorld has already said, one of the underrated classes in Roika. There is a big stereotype for Elementors, and this is in their particularly bright and laggy skills. However, when you look past this, you will see that Elementors aren’t just a disaster waiting to happen, but a class that can make the most of it’s skills and equipment on both PvM and PvP to become a great class.

An Elementor has 19 skills on its side, which gives it collectively more skills than any other class in FlyFF. This, along with cool looking staffs and armours, makes it a pretty sweet class to play. Equipment is pretty cheap, making it a great starting class to those new to FlyFF, too.

The playing style of an Elementor is close to suicidal. Elementors base defense is the joint lowest in the game with Psykeepers, yet many Elementors choose to ignore this fact, and go for high-damage, low defense builds, and trust me, the damage from single spells from an Elementor is high enough off a high defense build.

It isn’t easy work as an Elementor, nobody said it will be, but getting an Elementors level seems that much more satisfying.

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