About Thieves

A. Pros and Cons (of assassins)


+ is one of the most popular classes in the game
+ makes quite a lot of money at levels 40 - 50+
+ has both ranged and physical attacks (somewhat)
+ skills are fun to use
+ has the hottest gear IMO.
+ has a wide variety of throwing stars
+ becomes very fast and strong at third and fourth job


- is one of the most popular classes in the game
- is one of the most expensive classes until level 40
- can get confusing (EX: If you are gonna be an Assassin, many put
points into double stab, a bandit skill, since Assassins commonly
use daggers IRL.)
- are known as "KS*-ers" (kill stealers**)
- stars are expensive (from +23 atk and up)
- buying scrolled claws is expensive and can take a while
- claws and claw scrolls (especially 30%) are very expensive


*KS stands for Kill-steal, killing a monster that another person has
already attacked, purposely or accidentally. Some people, however,
do not know the actual definition of KS.

**a kill stealer is a person who KSes, purposely or accidentally.

B. Assassin/Bandit Comparison

The main difference between Assassins and Bandits: Assassins are
ranged fighters, and bandits are close ranged fighters.

But people often argue about which is better.

Some people choose bandit because:

-They are somewhat cheaper
-Their skills involve multiple hits, and people like to see a lot of
damage numbers pop up on the screen.
-A third job skill, Meso Explosion, is extremely powerful.
-Their daggers look cooler

I can counter against these statements.

-They are somewhat cheaper

Actually, their daggers are just about as expensive as any claw up to
level 70, where a Scarab is more expensive than a Kandine by a long
shot. That and stars.

-Their skills involve multiple hits

This fact does not make bandits better. The damage of each hit in the
attack is often low, and is the main reason why there are multiple
hits. If it was just 1 or 2 hits, the skill would be extremely weak.
But the skills are more flashy.

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