A guide about Stage 3 in MapleStory

dear maplestory players !


Yes, at this time you start next to the middle of the map. The first thing is haste your members and either head up or down. Up will require about 2 people. The bottom will require 3-4 people. Break the boxes to summon 3 bloctopus.


Kill them to obtain tickets.The top part will have about 3-4 of them per floor, while the bottom will have at the very bottom, 9 of them. After all of the enemies have been eliminated, give the passes to your leader. Then the leader clicks on the baloons to open the portal to the next stage, go in.


Monster Information as follows:

Blocktopus from another dimension

- Level:35 (MapleStory Powerleveling)
- Experience:288
- HP:4,900
- Accuracy:100
- Avoidability:15
- Weapon Attack:115
- Weapon Defense:125
- Magic Defense:150


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