MapleStory SEA gets legendary update

Mesos4u Date: Apr/10/17 15:24:40 Views: 957
MapleStory fans in Southeast Asia will not need to wait much longer to play around with new classes and content. Distributor Asiasoft recently announced that the Legends update will come in three parts starting next month. The first part, Legends: Cannon Shooter, will be up for download on May 14. The patch features a new class called the Cannon Shooter that uses a hard-hitting ranged weapon that does not require bullets or any form of ammunition. The patch also features a new fourth tier for items, the quick move system which allows fast travel to NPCs in an area, the item re-purchase system, and the linked skill system where a particular skill can be used by all characters in the same game account. Harass mobs with Mercedes magic arrows later on May. The second part, Legends: Mercedes, will be available for fans on May 30. Maplestory mesos.The patch introduces the Mercedes class which comes equipped with a dual bow gun and can ride a unique pegasus mount on higher levels. In addition, the patch also introduces 10 missions which contain rare rewards if completed seven times. Completing each of them once will net gamers the seventh anniversary medal. The last part of the patch is called Legends: Demon Slayer and It is slated to be out this July. The update introduces the first dark MapleStory character class who can use warrior equipment and attacks enemies using demon fury-powered moves. Unlike mana, demon fury can only be refilled by attacking monsters and absorbing their force. Beyond that, not much is divulge regarding extra quests or rewards. The previous patch, Legends: Prelude, was out on April 5 and featured a few in-game events related to April Fool is day and Easter.